This page is about Omega, whose body is being used by Echidna. For the copies, see Ryuzu Meyer (copy)

Omega (オメガ) is the last of the 5 primary Ryuzu clones tasked caretakers of the Sanctuary. Echidna has currently possessed her body.and is currently on a journey with Palmyra and Colette.


Omega is a petite girl with long, wavy and fluffy pale red hair and dark cyan eyes. She wears a large white robe that drags along the ground and is too big for her hands to show completely through the sleeves.


Around 400 years ago, Ryuzu agreed to participate in Echidna's experiments, resulting in the creation of clones as a part of a project to create eternal life.

After the fall of the Sanctuary, Echidna, who had returned to the living world by transferring her soul into the final Ryuzu clone & renamed herself Omega after viewing the memories left in the soul. She then decided to spend some time getting used to everything again and left the place she was at.

She decided to go to Kararagi, while her goal remained unknown. While on her journey, Omega met Colette and her friend Palmyra, with the former being shunned from her village for being a "witch". In actuality, it turned out that she was unconsciously behind the killings as she'd come under the possession of a Meteor that transformed her into a beast. The two girls decided to travel with Omega after the latter failed to straighten things up with the villagers.

They are currently in Gusteko.


Pyroxene Crystal (輝石 Kiseki): Omega carries a necklace with her that contains the five souls of the other witches, Minerva, Carmilla, Typhon, Sekhmet and Daphne in it.

Magical Powers: Since Omega's body was not suitable for Echidna to possess, she was forced to leave out her experience with magic. She is still familiar with the usage of magic but is unable to properly cast more advanced spells. She estimates it would take her roughly two years to regain all her skills and powers.


  • The author confirmed that Omega is unable to use the other Witches' Authorities. 


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