This page is about the original Lewes Meyer, whose body is being used by Echidna. For the copies, see Lewes Meyer (copy)

Omega (オメガ), formerly known as Lewes Meyer (リューズ・メイエル), was an acquaintance of Echidna who agreed to participate in her experiments in the Sanctuary. Her body is currently possessed by the witch and is somewhere in Lugnica.


Omega is a petite girl with long, wavy and fluffy pale red hair and dark cyan eyes. She wears a large white robe that drags along the ground and is too big for her hands to show completely through the sleeves.


Around 400 years ago, Lewes agreed to participate in Echidna's experiments, resulting in the creation of clones as a part of a project to create eternal life.

After the fall of the Sanctuary, Echidna, who had returned to the living world by transferring her soul into the original Lewes Meyer's body by using and absorbing Lewes Omega's own soul as a medium, renamed herself Omega after viewing the memories left in the soul. She then decided to spend some time getting used to everything again and left the place she was at.


Pyroxene Crystal (輝石 Kiseki): Omega carries a necklace with her that contains the five souls of the other witches, Minerva, Carmilla, Typhon, Sekhmet and Daphne in it.


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