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Orcos Territory's Red Snow (オルコス領の赤雪) is a side story featured in Gekkan Comic Alive.



Part 1[]

At a snowy field in Gusteko, Elsa stood near a group of bodies that she had killed, remarking that nothing had changed when a group of armed men joined her. Spotting them, she superficially apologized for killing the enemy on her own, however no one objected to her stealing their credit.

Later on, she visited a bar that was reserved for the night by the mercenary group Crimson Hunting Squad and ordered milk, which was considered to be far more valuable than alcohol in the country. At first, the mercenaries were annoyed that their enjoyment was being ruined, though once they saw her they were immediately lovestruck by her beauty. Logres Hyatt, their leader, took advantage of her order to try to get close to her, ordering alcohol instead for both of them. Asking her about why she was there, he was surprised to learn that she was sent there under Igor Kenash's orders, who happened to be the same person that was paying the group for their work. Thinking that Elsa was a reward for them, he was about to lay his hands on her when a messenger arrived, informing Logres that Igor wanted to see him at his mansion immediately. Logres was reluctant about leaving Elsa behind, nevertheless she told him that she was also being summoned, a fact the messenger confirmed. As she requested for him to escort her to the mansion, he asked for her name, and upon realizing that she was the Bowel Hunter, he lost all feeling of lust for her.

At the mansion, Igor welcomed them in his room, then ordered them to commence with the purification of the Orcos Territory, as the Baron Victor Orcos was accused of slave trading. Elsa and the mercenaries began their offensive the following morning, which involved having her infiltrate the enemy territory to assassinate any commanders and reserves, then have the Crimson Hunting Squad clear out the rest. Even the members of the mercenary group were horrified watching her exterminate anyone that got in her way, and soon enough they seized control of the fort they were attacking. Sometime later, Logres visited Elsa's room in the fortress they captured earlier that day, and was surprised to see that she was knitting a doll. After watching her work on the doll for a little while, he expressed his suspicions about the purification plan, finding it strange that the enemy's morale was so high even though Victor was supposedly a lowlife who sold slaves.

Igor's plan continued to be successful, allowing their forces to steadily fight their way through Orcos Territory. During an offensive a short while later, Elsa infiltrated enemy territory as usual, but at the moment a camouflaged Dragon Carriage left, causing her to stop it by throwing her knife to behead the Earth Dragon before it could escape. As she was about the check the carriage, she was ambushed by the man inside, who introduced himself as a former Acolyte Knight. She wondered if he had received the blessing, nonetheless he refused to answer her, prompting both of them to begin fighting.

The two continued to fight until the knight thought he could win, at which point he attacked her with both of his katana, however he was shocked to see that she stopped his attack by letting his blades pierce through her arms all the way to her shoulders. Taking advantage of his shock, she bit the back of his neck, killing him instantly. After the battle, she was checking the contents of the carriage when Igor's protégé approached her, leading her to become suspicious of him as he claimed to have come because Victor, the man she had just killed, had attempted a move. She questioned him further by pointing out that the contents of the carriage were more than 15 children dressed in warm clothes, which wasn't something a slave trader would care to give his slaves. Hearing this, the man summoned his Spirit, prompting Elsa to realize that he was an Acolyte Knight, at which point the Spirit attacked her with a destructive blast of light.

Part 2[]