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Ornea Featherrun (オルニア・フェザーラン), one of the imperfect curse dolls created by Holosseo Featherrun, is the second oldest Featherrun sister.


Ornea is a young girl who looks to be between the ages of eleven and twelve. She has short green hair, green eyes and a matching green-coloured dress. She typically wears various accessories in her hair.


At some point after Sithonia Featherrun became a Featherrun sister, Ornea was taken in by Holosseo Featherrun and made into an imperfect curse doll. Ornea was exceptionally suited to her role as a curse doll, and excelled in regeneration and combat. As a result, she was typically the one chosen among her sisters for missions that required assassination.

After the plan to complete a perfect curse doll was set into motion, Ornea's mind broke due to the poison Sithonia had planted in the amulet she'd given her, and was thus sent out to kill Elsa Featherrun. However she failed and was crushingly defeated by Elsa. Despite being killed, due to her exceptional powers as a curse doll, Ornea was able to regenerate herself. However the effects of the poison had made it so she'd regressed to an infantile state. After Elsa defeated Sithonia, Elsa entrusted her to Oliver Zeppes and granted the Featherrun mansion to them.


Curse Doll (呪い人形): As an imperfect curse doll, Ornea possessed immense regenerative capabilities giving her a pseudo-immortality. From the Featherrun sisters, Ornea was said to be the strongest in both regenerating and combat.

Equipment: Ornea wielded Kusari-fundo (鎖分銅) as her weapon of choice.