Otto Suwen Anime
Otto Suwen
 Kanji オットー・スーウェン
 Romaji Ottō Sūwen
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 21 (Arc 5+)
20 (Arc 3-4)
 Hair Color Gray
 Height 177 cm (5'10")
 Weight Around 60 kg (132 lb)
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Emilia Camp
 Occupation Head Internal Affairs Official
 Previous Occupation Merchant
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Yaktol Suwen (relative)
Mazeran Suwen (father)
Framir Suwen (mother)
Oslo Suwen (older brother)
Regin Suwen (younger brother)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Earth
 Divine Protection Soul Language
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 5
 Manga Chapter 12
 Anime Episode 14
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Amasaki Kouhei
 English Voice Zach Aguilar

Otto Suwen (オットー・スーウェン) is a merchant. He later joins the Emilia Camp following the events in the Sanctuary and becomes the Head Internal Affairs Official.


Otto has gray hair that is mentioned to be as long as a gal game protagonist. He is said to be somewhat handsome if he has a serious expression. However, he is usually either retorting, shouting, or panicking, ruining his looks. He has a medium build, but has trained himself since he used to work as a merchant.


Otto is generally an unlucky person, first shown when he almost drowned in his first bath, and is said to be born under an unlucky star. When he was young, he was treated as a pitiful child by others due to his Divine Protection, as they thought he was talking to imaginary objects. He is generally on the receiving end of jokes, with some people such as Natsuki Subaru suggesting to use him as a shield, but despite this, he is loved by the others. He is also loyal to his friends, as he helped Subaru in the Sanctuary even though it could've cost him his life.


Otto left his hometown Picoutatte four years before Subaru was summoned to Lugnica.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Otto has the Divine Protection of Soul Language (言霊の加護 Kotodama no Kago), which allows him to talk with all sorts of living creatures. However, as he speaks in the language of the creature he's talking with, it makes him look shady to others while he's using it. As Otto can't use it properly, he normally keeps it plugged.

Verhoe Anime

Magic User: Otto is able to use Earth Magic.

  • Dona (ドーナ): The user summons one wall pillar, which is used as a defensive spell.
    • El Dona (エル・ドーナ}: The user summons a pillar of earth with spikes to pierce an opponent. It can also be used defensively.
    • UI Dona (ウル・ドーナ): Otto is able to lift thick walls of earth around himself in a shape of a dome.
    • Al Dona (アル・ドーナ): User summons a enormous blast of violent earth mana that shreds a target and the surrounding area upward.

Verhoe (フルフー Furuhō, pronounced "Furhoe"): Verhoe is Otto's Long Distance Use Earth Dragon. It is female. She's strong and powerful, and while she isn't as fast, she has higher endurance. She's able to run three days without having to rest.


  • According to the author, Otto's birthday is March 24.
  • Otto likes spicy and bitter things.
  • According to the author, Verhoe's birthday is September 6.
  • Otto cannot use Al Dona normally, because he barely has above average magic talent.