Otto Suwen's Internal Affairs Struggle (オットー・スーウェンの内政奮闘記) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.


The events took place shortly after the decision to visit the Water Gate city. Petra Leyte was being extremely petulant because her name had not been added to the list of people who would be going to the Water Gate City. Instead she would be accompanying her master, Roswaal L Mathers. Otto Suwen listened to her complaints for a bit, even suggesting he would talk to the Margrave himself about it, which Petra refuted. At this point it seemed that everyone except Otto and Petra had forgiven Roswaal for his transgressions in the Sanctuary. Otto asked Petra to baby-sit Roswaal whilst he was away, to which Petra agreed, saying she would have done that even if he hadn't asked. In return, she asked him to take care of Natsuki Subaru and the others.

A while later, Frederica Baumann entered the room Otto was working in. Frederica apologised to Otto for Petra's discourteous manner earlier in the day. Otto tried to pass it off as nothing, but Frederica rebutted saying that it wouldn't be good for the girl's growth. She then continued to speak to Otto, mentioning that she was worried about her little brother, Garfiel Tinsel as he wouldn't be in arm's reach to her where he was going. She was worried that her brother's behaviour would cause problems to Emilia, and she politely asked Otto if he could look after everyone, especially Garfiel. Otto pledged that he would do his best.

After taking a bath, Otto was met by Ram as he went back to his room. After a bit of back and forth, Otto asked her if she had come here to talk to him about Priestella as well. To which she replied that she did, saying to Otto that he had an extremely important duty as Emilia's adviser. This was because Roswaal's greatest wish would depend on Emilia's actions being carried out.

After Ram left as well, Otto reflected back on the conversations he had with the three maids. He surmised that they must trust him to have talked to him like that. After brushing his teeth in the washroom, he once again turned back towards his room. On his way there, he met with Emilia. They spoke a little, and Emilia told Otto that she was going to give it her best in Priestella. And before wishing him a good night, Emilia told him that as Otto was going to be there, everything would go okay, because they depended on him a lot.




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