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Otto Suwen's Internal Affairs Struggle Line 2 (オットー・スーウェンの内政奮闘記2行目) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.


In Priestella, the Water Gate City, Otto extracted himself away from Subaru and the others to perform an errand. He had a bag with a book in it, of which its pages were mainly pieces of burnt ash. It was the Book of Wisdom. It was more in a condition to be called pieces of burnt paper than a book. Though his reasoning was telling him to immediately get rid of it, there was also a part of him in his instincts that was telling him not to do that. Because, Otto would try and restore the book that he should by all means get rid of.

He knew that Darts was famous in the field of restoration, and had the name of "Master Restorer". He knew that Darts was able to repair works of art, and items like that. He had devised restoration magic that had been rumoured to even have restored a Meteor to its original state. Otto had brought the burnt book to the city due to these rumours, in the hope Darts could repair it. Otto wanted to repair the Book of Wisdom so he could verify its contents in any way.

Rewinding back a bit, at the Mathers Mansion, Otto was staying up all night doing paperwork, drinking Coff to stave off his sleepiness. Ram was awake along with Otto. The two of them conversed a bit, as Ram prepared some tea for him. Ram seemed to understand that Otto had not forgiven Roswaal for his past year's transgressions. They talked about it a bit, with Otto pledging he would strive to protect the environment around him no matter what. Ram surmised that Otto would protect it by doubting Roswaal, whereas she would do so by believing in Roswaal.

Just as Otto was about to leave the room, Ram asked him what would need to happen for him to want to forgive Roswaal. To which Otto replied that he'd probably never be able to forgive him, but, if he had the opportunity, he could maybe think about clearing away his distrust of him.

Back at the present, Otto had been reflecting on this exchange, and he concluded that it was perhaps because of wanting to clear away his distrust of him, that he had furtively taken the Book of Wisdom to Priestella. He was now in Dart's shop. When Otto presented the burnt book to him, Darts was able to immediately identify that it was an item surrounded by mystery. Otto asked if it was possible to restore it. Darts replied that with the item in this state, returning it to its original state would be a legendary feat. But, he said that he could do it. Darts continued by asking what Otto intended to use it for. Otto replied by saying that after checking the contents of the book he would burn it completely it so that not even a fragment of it remained.

Otto wanted to check the contents of the book to make sure that he would not be stabbed in his back by Roswaal. Darts agreed that he would take the book from Otto, to try and restore it. But before he did, Otto had brought him a present. As Darts was renown for his fondness of alcohol, Otto had brought him a bottle. They drank together, and the next morning he returned back to the Water Plumage Pavilion, completely drunk.