Pandora (パンドラ) is the Witch of Vainglory who has a mysterious relationship with the Witch Cult.


Pandora appears as young girl and has long, transparent platinum hair with dark blue eyes, and long eyelashes. She only wears one white cloth over her petite body. She gives off an important aura and her voice has a magic like charm that seems to bind the bodies and souls of others. Just by being looked at or talked to, one can experience happiness enough to die for.

She is beautiful enough to be said to make other tremble with her beauty and that even God would hesitate to touch her. Humans have an ideal of beauty, and Pandora is the answer to that beauty. Also, if beauty could kill, Pandora would be that beauty.


Pandora acts dignified and graceful, but when Geuse takes the Sloth Genes, she's a maniac and not calm and composed at all. She dodges direct questions, answering with "for the greater good" and "sacrifices are necessary" when she brought the rest of the cult for her amusement. She does what she wants and wraps it nicely.

She always gets what she wants that's why she's so confused on why Emilia wouldn't open the seal. She "removes" stuff she doesn't like, like Regulus when he annoyed her or Fortuna as an obstacle. She is unusual, as she can make even Regulus refer to her with "sama".

She is made to be a secret, as talking about her is a taboo for both the moderate and radical members of the Witch Cult.


Pandora attacked the Elven village 100 years ago along with Regulus. She was also behind the attack on Garkla 30 years ago and the failed Hakugei conquest battle 15 years ago where Theresia died, and has somehow turned both her and Kurgan into puppets for the Witch Cult.


Authority of Vainglory (虚飾の権能 Kyoshoku no Ken'nō): Pandora is able to use the Authority of Vainglory.

  • Pandora can rewrite certain phenomena in her favor as many times as she wants, as long as the conditions are in her favor. Using this, she can negate her death, bury people into the ground instantly, erase a person's presence without leaving any trace of their actions behind, and change people's memories. Although she can't control the Kurohebi with her power, she is able to direct it to wherever she wants.


  • Pandora's name refers to the 55 Pandora asteroid.
  • The name also refers to the first woman in Greek mythology who unwittingly released evil into the world.


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