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Petra Leyte (ペトラ・レイテ) is a former inhabitant of Irlam Village who currently lives and works at Roswaal's Mansion as a maid. She is a supporting character first introduced in Arc 2 and later joins the main cast in Arc 4. She is set to have a major role in Arc 8.

After meeting Subaru she developed a crush on him, prompting her to get a job as a maid at Roswaal's Mansion to get closer to him.


During her life as a village child, Petra wore common clothes that consisted of a pair of brown shoes, green leggings with horizontal stripes that were shorn just above the ankles, a white long-sleeved shirt, an open short-sleeved cream-colored cardigan with red outlining, and a red ribbon fastened to her collar. She has medium length reddish brown hair that extends to her shoulders along with cyan eyes. She switched to a maid uniform for her job.

During the month that Subaru was at Priestella, her hair and height grew longer, with her mentioning that she would grow even more by the time he returned from the Pleiades Watchtower.


Petra Leyte was a pure-hearted innocent young girl who often tried her best to help and nurture others, regardless of whether doing so was detrimental to her. Her sweet personality was enough to mellow the hearts of those who interacted with her, particularly Subaru and Frederica, whose moods brightened just from talking with her. Unlike many people in Lugnica, Petra harbored no xenophobic tendencies towards demi-humans, instead judging people off of their deeds and personalities. She, alongside the other children of Arlam, neglected to treat the silver-haired half-elf Emilia with any prejudice.

She was originally a little submissive, usually just going along with what others said, however after the incident at the Sanctuary she becomes bolder and learns to express her own opinion more. She also develops feelings for Subaru after he saved her during the Wolgarm incident. Before becoming a maid, she used to want to be a seamstress at the capital.

For someone so young Petra was incredibly brave, choosing to prioritize the lives and wellbeing of others above her own in situations of crisis. When the disguised Wolgarm fled into the Wolgarm-infested woods, Petra, who was unaware of the creature's true identity, steeled her nerves and traversed into the forest to rescue the animal from danger. When Elsa Granhiert took her hostage and brought her before Subaru and her fellow maids, Petra, although terrified at the prospect of dying, told her friends to flee and save themselves rather than rescue her.


Petra was a young girl living in Irlam Village, a small rural village located in the lands of the noble Margrave Roswaal L Mathers. She had aspired to move to the capital of Lugnica and become a tailor when she grew up. However, her life changed forever when the teenage boy Natsuki Subaru, who was working in Lord Roswaal's mansion, began to visit the village.

When he visited the village, Subaru was playing with Petra and her friends. Shortly after meeting Subaru, the children of Arlam including Petra were kidnapped by a group of Demon Beasts commanded by Meili Portroute. In order to save them, Subaru ventured into the forests surrounding the village. Thanks to the efforts of Subaru and his allies, the children were saved and the Demon Beasts have been largely wiped out by Roswaal L Mathers.

After the Demon Beast incident, Petra developed a crush for the person who saved her that grew over time. After about a month or two, Petra decided to give up her dream of becoming a tailor, instead choosing to look for work in Margrave Roswaal's mansion where she could be closer to Subaru. Despite her young age, Petra managed to get a job as a maid in the mansion and soon found a mentor in Frederica Baumann, a half-human maid who treated Petra like her little sister.


Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Petra has a water affinity, but she's not good with magic. Emilia tried to teach her, but due to Emilia's teaching methods relying on instinct she now gets lectures from Ram.

Self-Defence: Frederica gave her lessons so she can defend herself.


  • According to the author, Petra's birthday was on the 14th of February, which also happens to be Valentine's Day.
  • She was able to see who Subaru truly was when he was wearing one of Roswaal's anti-recognition cloaks
  • According to the author, Petra will likely be featured in Arc 8.
  • Petra once wished to become a tailor. She displayed quite remarkable sewing skills which she learned from her mother.
  • Petra's favourite colour is red.
  • Petra actually played hide and seek before progressing to becoming a maid, and remembered all the rooms in Roswaal's Mansion.
  • In order to become a maid and get close to Subaru, Petra asked all the girls who applied for this year to refuse the invitation for enlistment in Mansion.
  • Petra has been ranked among the five weakest characters in Re:Zero[1].


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