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Pivot Arnancy (ピボット・アーナンシー) was a the Vice Captain of Zeligef Squadron and a knight of the Royal Army.


Pivot was a man with long brown hair and a monocle. He usually wore his Royal Guard uniform.


A capable, sophisticated and intelligent man. Despite his quieter personality, stronger adherence for discipline and sharp countenance being quite the contrast to Bordeaux more boorish one, they got along quite well and were longtime friends. Furthermore he was well liked among the troops


Pivot was one of the old guards of the Zellgef Squadron whose dependable and shrewd nature kept the somewhat ragtag squad running smoothly behind the scenes. He was one of few people who could handle Wilhelm's standoffish behavior when he was younger without losing his cool.

He would take part many battles in war with the Zellgef Squadron until the fateful conflict at Aihiya Swamp where he and most of the squad would be killed by Libre Fermi when defending an injured and immobile Willhelm with their lives while under the effects of one Sphinx's magic circle spells. He and the fallen Zeglief Squadron were later revived as corpse soldiers in that same battle and used by Sphinx to help her escape.


Skilled Swordsman: Pivot was skilled enough to be a member of the royal guard.