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Priestella (プリステラ, Purisutera), also known as the Water Gate City (水門都市, Suimon Toshi) or Blue Metropolis, is one of the five regional capitals of the Kingdom of Lugnica, located alongside the Kingdom of Lugnica's border with Kararagi, far east of the Kingdom's capital. The city of Priestella was formerly being lead by the Priestellan Council of Ten, until the Witch Cult allegedly slaughtered nine of them, leaving only Kiritaka Muse alive.


Priestella is a large, upside-down shaped dome-like walled city, located directly at the Kingdom's border with the Kararagi. It was built approximately four centuries ago, using four centuries old combination of technologies. Furthermore, the city was said to have been build by non other than Hoshin of the Wilderness, and throughout history, the city itself was a cause of considerable territorial disputes between the two nations, though it currently belongs to the Lugnica. Due to Kararagi's influence, the city has notable traces of the so-called Kararagi-style and Jabanees-style architecture and overall culture; inns that are extremely similar to the traditional Japanese-style inns both Al and Subaru are oh-so familiar with from Japan, can be visited all across the city, with one of them even being the location of all four Royal Selection Candidate Camps' initial meeting at the start of Arc 5.

Priestella is the closest city to Kararagi, with the Tigracy River separating the two. It is a beautiful city and a famous tourist location that is built in the middle of a large lake, with waterways running through the city. The waterways divide the city into four blocks called City Districts which are numbered clockwise from the main gate. According to Subaru, the city sees most of its traffic in the First and Second Districts[1].

The city itself is built like a sports arena with a basin at its centre. In case of a flood, the centre would be instantly submerged. In order to have water canals in which people could travel via water dragons, Hoshin used an intricate magical mechanisms which stand at each of the four cardinal points–the control towers. These towers are massive stone pillars, and according to Emilia, they all are some sort of a complex metia[2]. They are used to regulate the flow of water throughout the entire city, either lowering or rising the water levels. Their main purposes, however, are so to prevent the water from building up in one specific spot (in this case, in the centre of the city), send the water through water canals and creating some sort of artificial rivers (as mentioned above) and to flood the city if necessary. The magical mechanism is even capable of making half of the water from one single waterway flow in one direction while the other one flows in the other direction, effectively making the Priestellan waterways flow in both directions.

Until Arc 5, Priestella was governed over by the Priestellan Council of Ten, a group of ten powerful and wealthy individuals, with Kiritaka Muse acting as their leader of sorts. During the Witch Cult's attack on the city, everyone save for Kiritaka were slaughtered, presumably by the Witch Cult, however, according to Lust, Al was the one who did it.


Priestella was built as a trap mechanism for extremely dangerous individuals and creatures, specifically the Witches and strong Demon Beasts. The control towers were designed so that they could flood the entire city when the flood gates are all released. This mechanism was successfully used in the past to kill Typhon.

A year after the arrival of Subaru in Lugnica, Anastasia Hoshin decided to organize a party in Priestella for the Camps participating in the Royal Election. As they arrived, several Witch Cult Sin Archbishops took control over the city, with Regulus Corneas preparing a forced marriage with Emilia. Because of this, all five Royal Election Camps have to work together in order to stop this tragedy.

As the fighting came to its conclusion, Regulus Corneas was killed by Reinhard van Astrea and Natsuki Subaru, and Sirius was captured with the help of Liliana Masquerade and Priscilla Barielle. Despite their triumph, multiple people were transformed and various people including Crusch Karsten got poisoned by Capella Emerada Lugnica's Dragon Veins. The Sin Archbishops of Gluttony also erased multiple people, including Julius Juukulius and Joshua Juukulius. To look for answers, Anastasia Hoshin suggested visiting the Pleiades Watchtower, resulting in Subaru leading a group.


  • Tigracy Bridge (ティグラシー大橋 Tigurashī ōhashi): A stone bridge that sits over the Tigracy River on the Lugnican side which leads to the front gates of Priestella.
  • The Four Control Towers: At all four sides of the city–north, south, west and east–there lies one massive stone tower. As mentioned above, the towers themselves are complex metias housing water magic crystals, and server as regulators of the water channels' flow and amount of water. Furthermore, they server as the ultimate trap mechanism–from there, one can open up the flood gates and flood the entire city. During Arc 5, one of the flood gates was open and the result was a total submersion of one of the four districts. Furthermore, in Tsugihagu IF story, Subaru used the four flood gates to flood the entire city and kill off most of the people inside, with Reinhard, Felt, Rom, Garfiel, Otto and Ferris being the only known survivors of the attack.
  • Time Towers: All across Priestella, several Time Towers can be found scattered around. These Time Towers are usually built out of stone and are rather tall, with a tall spire at its peak. At its upper portion, one can see a magic crystal clock, which works similarly to normal clocks from Earth. In truth, the point of Time Towers are to help people track the time of day. One of these Time Towers was the location of Sirius' original introduction in the city, at the end of volume 16.
  • Water Plumage Inn (水の羽衣亭 Mizu no Hagoromo-tei): A Kararagi style inn located in Priestella's first avenue.
  • City Hall: The City Hall is a tall building in the centre of the city. It houses a large communication device used to broadcast all over the city.
  • The Great Temple (大神殿 Daishinden): A temple located underneath Priestella, where the Witch of Pride's remains are said to be kept. It can be accessed through a secret door in the area under the canals, that masks a trapdoor. The Temple is protected by a Guardian, with a grotesque appearance. It's described to not be a Demon Beast, and to have an appearance that looked like it had been formed by a lot of rats coming together, with heads coming out of its torso.
  • City Park: Priestella has its very own city park, filled with meticulously maintained flower beds, a large green lawn and at its centre, there's a dazzling water fountain, which could only be described as perfect for its location. According to Subaru and Beatrice, the park is perhaps the most beautiful and relaxing location in the entire city.
  • Muse Company: Muse Company is a large building primarily built out of stone. It's strategically situated between Priestella's First and Second Districts–an area which holds the most traffic in the entire city and is therefore the most ideal place for merhants to have their offices. The building itself is the base of operations for Muse Company, the most powerful and influential merchant company in Priestella, ran by Kiritaka Muse.




  • In the Web Novel, there was no Priestellan Council of Ten.
  • Priestella is extremely conscious about its surrounding landscape, therefore they've enforced a lot of rules against littering. They have done such an amazing job that the bottom of the lake can be clearly seen without any obstructions.
  • It took the members of Emilia Camp exactly 12 days to travel from Roswaal's new mansion to Priestella.


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