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Priscilla's Cheers for Me, Entertainment Part (プリシラの妾万歳、余興編) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story. This was later adapted and included in the Re:Zero Ootsuka Shinichirou Art Works Re:BOX.



Priscilla Barielle held a tourney to see who would become her knight despite her husband, Leip Barielle protesting against the idea. She gazed at the tourney from her veranda, unsatisfied with how things were proceeding, likening the gathering to rabbles of peasants who weren't at all entertaining to her. Her husband tried to protest about the people fighting below, but Priscilla turned those protests down.

As Priscilla gazed down, a man whose face was completely covered by a black helmet, with no left arm, caught her attention, and he spoke out to her. The challengers did not think much of the man, however Priscilla found him very interesting, and requested him to be brought up to her. Leip of course was furious at that, but Priscilla once again ignored him.

Schult brought the one-handed man up, and introduced him to Priscilla. His words were arrogant, which made Leip grew all the more furious. His patience broke, and he spat on the one-handed man. Priscilla was not at all happy with this, and used her fan to hit Leip on the head, knocking him out. She ordered Schult to drag him away out of her sight, which he did so as if he was used to it.

The man was surprised by Priscilla's eccentricity, and wondered what on earth he could show that would meet the Princess' standards. Priscilla launched an attack with her fan, which the man managed to block with his right hand. However, Priscilla had used that attack as a feint and grabbed his sword. She used his sword to cut the man's neck from the side. She was convinced she had done that. However, the sword's tip had stopped at the man's neck, as he had bent it back, cutting off only a bit of his skin. He had avoided death by a hair's breadth.

Priscilla found this interesting, and smiled, throwing the sword back to the man. The man was not able to catch the sword, and it ended up cutting up part of the carpet. Priscilla spoke to the man, saying that he only had value so long as his actions attracted her interest. He had become her knight.

Priscilla asked the man why he wasn't taking his helmet off in front of her, to which the man replied it wasn't a face he could show people due to a mistake. He also added that it would make Priscilla's mood worse, and that he hadn't named himself yet. Priscilla allowed him not to take his helmet off, and asked him, her jester, to name himself. The man replied he was Aldebaran but that he would prefer to be called Al.