Priscilla Barielle (プリシラ・バーリエル) is the Matriarch of House Barielle and a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica. Her original name was Prisca Benedict (プリスカ・ベネディクト Purisuka benedikuto),[1] one of many offsprings of the previous Vollachian Emperor. While only a supporting character in Arc 3 and Arc 5, she is set to have a major role in Arc 7.[2]

Hailing from the highly hierarchical Vollachia Empire, she has a very arrogant demeanor where she constantly talks down to those around her. However, she has also shown herself to be far from foolish and actually has the skills to backup her words.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Priscilla Barielle's long red blonde hair shun radiantly like the sun itself and flowed through a single barrette before spilling down her back. Her blood red eyes had a glimmer of strong will that betrayed her commanding personality. Her pale skin was as white as the purest snow and was highlighted by Priscilla's faintly pink lips. She was considered a woman of true divine beauty. A person could spend their entire lifetime and fortune searching for someone as beautiful as the Bloody Bride and still find nobody who could match Priscilla's radiance. Additionally, her dainty figure possessed noticeably bountiful breasts and other shapely features that helped increase her already supernatural charm. She stood at five feet and five inches tall, making her the same height as Emilia.

Priscilla wore exquisite clothing that matched the crimson color of her eyes. The dress she was seen wearing most frequently was an opulent black and red aristocratic dress with wrapped off-the-shoulder sleeves, a wide-hemmed heel-length red skirt, a black petticoat, a large black ribbon with red striping attached to the right side of her waist, and a black flowery ornament with red edging and emerald jewels decorating each petal that was adorned on the opposite side of Priscilla's waist. The dress was also backless and prettified by various emeralds fastened to the skirt. Under her dress, she wore translucent reddish-brown holdup stockings with a black elasticized band at the top. She also wore a black choker, a pair of red high-heel shoes, and a pair of long black fingerless opera gloves. She often carried a crimson handheld folding fan that she stored in her cleavage when not using. Finally, her middles fingers were bedecked with a single emerald ring each and similarly-colored teardrop-shaped earrings dangled from her earlobes. The jewels enriching Priscilla's figure were all of such fine craftsmanship that anyone could tell they were incredibly expensive at a glance. Natsuki Subaru estimated that her full outfit from top to bottom was worth at least a hundred times his own money.

When she is inside her mansion, she wears a red outfit that highlights her body a bit. She has a small coat with a black bow in the center and has a black clip on her hair, in which she has a ponytail. She also wears a pair of black studs. She keeps her fan between her breasts.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Priscilla is an arrogant, proud, and absurd woman. She has a conviction that the world works for her comfort, and according to her words, the events around her are working for her. She classifies people according to their interests, if someone is not of her interest, she will not remember their names and will not pay attention to them anymore;[3] this happened with Subaru a few days after meeting him. Her biggest enemy is boredom, so the things she does are to avoid it. She repeatedly hits Al, or orders him to do something to entertain her. She is also able to position herself in situations unimaginable to any gentleman, such as leading a dangerous expedition simply because she is curious.[4]

Priscilla shows confidence in her actions, because in the end she always comes out on top. She is also not afraid to fight, because she knows exactly how to fight and defend herself, and she was not intimidated when she had to face Sirius, when she encountered zombies in her territory, or when she went to search for the thieves who stole her domain.

However, she is well known for being a woman who over the years ended up being a widow, as her husbands ultimately ended up dying. However, Priscilla does not seem to mind at all, and considers her last deceased husband Leip Barielle an old pervert, this at the same time implies that she does not like the people who want to take advantage of her, since apparently she only wants the people to contemplate her beauty.

In her speech during the Royal Selection Ceremony, she declared that under her command, everyone would be able to get what they wanted.[5] She is, according to Aldebaran, very volatile and very dangerous when she's angry.

Despite her self-centered attitude, Priscilla values ​​people who keep their pride, as seen in Episode 17 SD while talking to Felt, where Priscilla offers her a quick and easy way out, but she refused. She usually urges others to humble themselves and thus earns her luck.

According to Berstetz Fondalfon, those who can wield the Yang Sword of Vollachia, like Priscilla Barielle, are sacred children that have the necessary qualifications of becoming the emperor or empress of the Vollachia Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

Priscilla was born in the Vollachian Empire as the daughter of its then Emperor, Drizen Vollachia, as "Prisca Benedict". She grew up with Arakiya, who later became her sworn sword. Prisca took part in the Vollachian Empire's Emperor Selection Ceremony at the age of 12 after being deemed worthy by the Yang Sword. However, Arakiya ended up betraying her fearing she would be killed by Vincent and agreed to Vincent's deal which would involve setting up a plot to fake her death.[6] The plot succeeded and Prisca Benedict was regarded as dead save only to a few in the know. As a result Vincent Vollachia won the ceremony and became the Emperor whilst Prisca took the name Priscilla assuming the life of one of her deceased body doubles.[7]

A short time later, Priscilla married her first husband Jorah Pendleton until his untimely death.[8] She eventually found herself sold to the Kingdom as an offering due to her tremendous beauty.[9] But, each person she was sold to fell into ruin and met unnatural deaths.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Priscilla has the Divine Protection of the Sun (太陽の加護 Taiyō no Kago), which makes her stronger during the day and increases the effects of buffs.[10]

Yang Magic: Priscilla is able to use Yang Magic.

  • Akra (アクラ): Priscilla produces pale colored light around the target that envelops them in a veil of golden light. The veil presumably allows the target to carry things with ease. This magic was cut from the light novel.

Sun Disk (日輪 Nichirin): During the Stars What Make History Arc, Priscilla showed to possess some kind of ability which she named the Sun Disk. It allowed her to remain uncontrolled by Sirius during the battle against Wrath. In addition to that, the ability was also capable of protecting other people, like Liliana Masquerade for example. It is unknown whether this is the power of being a powerful Yang Magic user, or another source of power.

Extraordinary Luck: Priscilla has a unique ability, which she mentions makes "the world in her own favor". Granting her extremely high luck in her daily life and in fights. She has also great intuition, which allowed to guess the right and safest path towards the lost Schult during their stay in Priestella. Also mentioning that it doesn't matter what choice she makes, she'll be always right and it will always be positive for her.


Yang Sword - Priscilla.jpg

  • Priscilla is capable of creating and using the Yang Sword Vollachia (陽剣ヴォラキア Youken Vorakia), an ornate crimson sword from light that can shine like the sun. She mentions that it has a terrible mana consumption rate and therefore has it dissipate back into the atmosphere when she's not using it. The sword itself will incinerate everything it cuts down without fail. With it, Priscilla is even capable of cutting and scorching things without ever making contact with them as seen when she burned the parasites who nested inside of the villagers, without ever harming their hosts.

Priscilla's Jeweled Necklace.jpg

  • Three Jeweled Necklace: A mysterious object that Priscilla wears which has an effect that transfers any fatal damage done to her to it, subsequently breaking one of its gems. This means it can only absorb up to three attacks before its protection wears off.[11]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the author, Priscilla's birthday is September 7 and is scheduled to be featured in Arc 7. [2]
  • Priscilla likes most animals, but if she had to choose her favorite, it would be a white wolf.[12]
  • According to the Author, Priscilla has the biggest breasts in all of Re:Zero.
  • In a one on one fight between Crusch Karsten and Priscilla Barielle, the most likely winner would be the latter, even though it would be a good fight depending on the conditions, according to the author.

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