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The Priscilla Camp is a Royal Selection team that is led by Priscilla Barielle.


Priscilla states that the heavens chose her way to royalty, thus she feels the most appropriate to assume the throne, since her exceptional luck and attention to the commoners have led her to gain great popularity, and affirms that everyone will be safe with her whenever they decide to obey her. Priscilla said that she would reward the people who support her and is always willing to comply with the requests of others.


Priscilla was born in the Vollachian Empire as the daughter of its then Emperor, Drizen Vollachia, as "Prisca Benedict". She grew up with Arrachia, who later became her sworn sword. Prisca took part in the Vollachian Empire's Emperor Selection Ceremony at the age of 12 after being deemed worthy by the Yang Sword. However, Arrachia ended up betraying her fearing she would be killed by Vincent and agreed to Vincent's deal which would involve setting up a plot to fake her death. The plot succeeded and Prisca Benedict was regarded as dead save only to a few in the know. As a result Vincent Vollachia won the ceremony and became the Emperor whilst Prisca took the name Priscilla assuming the life of one of her deceased body doubles.

A short time later, Priscilla married her first husband Jorah Pendleton until his untimely death. She eventually found herself sold to the Kingdom as an offering due to her tremendous beauty. But, each person she was sold to fell into ruin and met unnatural deaths.

After a few failed husbands, Priscilla met Leip Barielle. Because of the Dragon History Stone, Leip knew that Priscilla is a worthy candidate, and because of the latter, he held a tournament to choose a knight for Priscilla. Leip hired Gilian Endymion to become her knight, but to his surprise, she chose Al instead, as she said that he was "way more interesting".

After a few years, Priscilla adopted an orphan because she liked his eyes, Schult.

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Months after the Sanctuary Incident, Priscilla encountered Heinkel at a bandit town near the Barony of Barielle. Heinkel had found himself in the bandit den, to try and recover an opaque silver cup which was rumored to cure any incurable diseases when drank from, causing him to believe it was capable of awakening his sleep-bound wife. He cut down all of the bandits in the den, before Priscilla restrained him. However, the cup turned out to be just a dud. After Priscilla correctly identified he had been there for the cup, she burned it in front of him. Just as she was about to leave, Heinkel gave her an offer. Heinkel offered that he could do something about the whelp who was Reinhard's mistress. Thus, he gave his backing to Priscilla and in return asked that if she were to become king, to let him get his hands on the blood of the dragon which was kept in the castle. He asked it because he needed a miracle to get Louanna to awake, which resulted in an alliance between them.


Priscilla Camp