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Rachins Hoffman (ラチンス ホフマン), commonly known as Chin (チン), is one of the three thugs that attacked Subaru. He later joined the Felt Camp after being employed by her.

Debuting at the very start of the 1st volume of Re:Zero, Rachins, alongside Gaston and Camberley acted as minor antagonists. Roughly two months later, the trio once again crossed paths with Subaru, though this time coincidentally as they were trying to rob Priscilla Barielle and Subaru accidentally saw the events play out and decided to save the Crimson Princess. Rachins and his friends–alongside thirty-something other unnamed thugs then proceeded to chase the two across the Capital's slums, until they were beaten half to death by Rem. Roughly a year later, Rachins and Gaston accompanied Felt and Reinhard to the Water Gate City of Priestella, acting as Felt's additional bodyguards and henchmen. A couple of days after arriving, Rachins and Subaru witnessed the Sin Archbishop of Wrath's first appearance in the Blue Metropolis, managing to prevent an inevitable slaughtering of the entire square.

Currently, Rachins stayed behind in Priestella, and helped around the city with Gaston. The two travelled home separately from Reinhard and Felt, as the two were transporting the Sin Archbishop of Wrath to the Capital.


Rachins has a unusual white complexion with black eyes. He wears a prison suit and has chains around his wrists and throat. He has long grayish blue hair with pink at the end.


As a thug, Rachins cares only little about the people around him, except for those who he keeps dear. In addition to the former, Rachins is shown to be somewhat reckless, as when he underestimated Subaru's physical strength, though he did quickly put him down.


Rachins Hoffman was born as a noble from the Capital of Lugnica, to Rickert Hoffman and an unnamed woman. However, after certain events, he left the nobility and started his life in the slums as Chin. Soon after, he met with his friends Ton and Kan.

Roughly 3 to 4 months before Subaru's arrival, Rachins, Gaston and Camberley met an Imperial traitor, who payed the trio and fifteen other thugs a fair amount of Vollachian gold, in order to tail a Divine General who was after his head. The thugs disobeyed the orders and lured the swordsman into a dark alley, wanting to attack, beat and rob the man. However, as they were dealing with Cecilus Segmunt–the strongest person from the Sacred Empire of Vollachia and one of the three men who are about as skilled as Reinhard in terms of martial arts–they were defeated within a second, and left beaten half to death. Following their arrest by the Knight guards who rushed the scene soon after, the three thugs were then approached by Julius Juukulius, Ferris and Chisha Gold, who wanted to know about Cecilus' location. Upon being promised freedom, they spilled the beans and were subsequently freed, with the money they have gotten from Gramdart.

After the Royal Selection Ceremony, Felt recruited Chin, Ton and Kan to join the Felt Camp. They accepted her offer, thus became participants in the Royal Selection. Since then, Reinhard van Astrea started to train all three of them so they would grow stronger with the help of his Divine Protection of Training Mastery.

Between the fourth arc and the fifth arc, the Felt Camp went to visit the Black Silver Coin organization. There, they met Doltero Amule, who appeared to be an old friend of Rom. It resulted in the Felt Camp receiving a gift from Doltero, which ended up being one of Echidna's meteor.

Later, the Felt Camp moved to Flanders, where a prostitute under the command of Totowas stabbed in the lung by a thin dagger. A young mage named Ezzo Cadner tried to save her with his magic, which ended up in not working. Meanwhile, Helain Gatness tried to gather information through Chin about something related to the Royal Family of Lugnica. In addition to this, she also tried to send a message to Rickert Hoffman for some reason. Eventually, Felt and Reinhard decided to recruit Ezzo for the Felt Camp.


Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Rachins is able to use Fire Magic.

  • Goa (ゴーア): Rachins manifests a blaze of fire which incinerates a foe, though the flame was noted to be rather underwhelming. He primarily uses this attack as a signal for help–upon casting it, Reinhard appears in under a minute.

Equipment: Rachins carries a knife with him that he uses to threaten people. However, he hasn't actually killed anyone before, causing him to be shocked when he stabbed and killed Subaru in one of the failed loops of Arc 1.

Training: After being employed by Felt, he started to get trained by Reinhard and has developed considerable power.


  • Ton, Chin, and Kan's names are a play on the Japanese word tonchinkan which means irrelevant or inconsistent.
  • According to the author, Ton, Chin, and Kan don't play an active role after Arc 1 until Arc 8.