Ram (ラム) is one of the twin maids working for Roswaal L Mathers. Originally, Ram was born as an Oni with a single horn and displayed exceptional talent and strength which resulted in the village referring to her as the second coming of the Oni God.


Ram has medium length light pink hair that covers her left eye, large darkish pink eyes, and young features. She also has hair clips towards right side of her hair, flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. She looks nearly identical to her sister Rem apart from her hair, eyes, and ribbon coloring. She usually wears a maid uniform. She has a smaller chest compared to her sister, and she has slanted eyes.


Ram is seemingly self-centered and does things at her own pace, however in actuality she maintains a distance from people to ascertain them. She believes that Roswaal is the greatest and no one else is as precious except for her sister Rem. She is slightly more outgoing in comparison to the generally taciturn Rem, who generally allows Ram to take the lead in their sisterly bond.


As the prodigal elder twin Ram was born with extraordinary talent for mana manipulation and a powerful body to match that made her the pride of the Oni village. Her aptitude didn't just lie there, everything from cooking to physical activities she was superior to Rem and was showered in adoration even by her own sister. However she never let any of it get to her head and never forgot her little sister no matter how much attention was paid to her. During the night of the attack by the Witch Cult when all the Oni fell she alone kept fighting to avenge them and protect her sister. But the cult outnumbered her and she made a last ditch effort to shield a petrified Rem from getting cut down. In mere moments, Ram lost her horn when it was sliced off from her head as a result of that. Had it not been for a passing mage at the time whom they came to know as Roswaal L Mathers they would not have survived the massacre.

The next several years since then Roswaal would gain the twins eternal gratitude and fervent loyalty. Especially in the case of Ram who came to harbor romantic feelings for him who also served as her lifeline due to regular mana infusions. During the early days of her life in Roswaal's mansion Ram would also come to know the partial truth of the cult's raid that night as well as the identity of the cult member responsible for cutting off her horn, Faust with assistance from Roswaal and achieved her vengeance. Ram is the only person who knows about Roswaal's gospel and had formed a contract with him that stipulated that his life would be hers if the future ever deviated from it's predictions as penance for knowing about the attack and letting it happen for his own ends.


Ram's Clairvoyance Divine Protection.jpg

Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Ram has the Divine Protection of Clairvoyance (千里眼の加護 Senrigan no Kago). It enables her to synchronize with the vision of those who have the same wavelength, allowing her to see off into the distance. Although she is unable to defend herself while using it, it allows her to continuously switch between people, making her actually able to see past one thousand ri. However, the side effect of the Divine Protection causes her veins to become prominent, shed tears of blood from one eye, and legs to shake uncontrollably.

Magic User: Ram is able to use Wind Magic and is mentioned to be relatively skilled in it.

  • Fura (フーラ): Fura is Ram's most used Wind Magic. Ram shoots wind slashes with a super high speed that can cut through wood, stone and flesh with ease.
    • El Fura (エル・フーラ): Ram unleashes a extreme blast of magical wind.
      Ram using El Fula.gif
    • UI Fura (フーラ): Ram creates a windstorm with the target in the middle, the raging wind strikes the target, slices them, tosses them, smashes them against the ground, and then flung so thoroughly they cannot discern up from down.
    • Al Fura (アル・フーラ): The user unleashes a wild devastating windstorm so powerful even people's eardrums will be destroyed in it's mere presence.

Synesthesia: An ability that she shares with her sister. It allows them to share their feelings and emotions with each other through telepathy. Ram is even able to borrow Rem's horn and use it to greatly amplify her own fighting strength.

Oni Bloodline (鬼の血族 Oni no Ketsuzoku): Ram was formerly considered to be a child prodigy and the second coming of the Oni God even though she only had one horn, however it was cut off by Faust when the Witch Cult attacked her village. Despite not having a horn, she can still go into her Oni Form, though it enacts a heavy toll on her body.

Martial arts: Ram is shown to be very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and has an exceptional awareness of her own body's limits. Her knee kicks and elbow punches are capable of shattering bones and rupturing internal organs and by using Wind Magic, she is able to amplify the speed and direction of her attacks, making her an extremely proficient opponent who's able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of transformed Garfiel and Lye Batenkaitos. She is also able to use her oni powers to greatly boost her combat abilities for a short amount of time but at a cost of vomiting blood and rendering herself unable to move for a long period of time. In that state, Ram is stated to be at about 20% of her full potential.

Ram's Wand.png

Equipment: Ram usually uses a Wand Roswaal fashioned from her horn when fighting. It helps her better channel her mana to reduce the burden of using magic. During the events of Arc 3, Ram uses the wand while fighting Wilhelm and Ricardo in close combat. The wand is described as looking like a short cane.


  • According to the author, Ram's birthday is February 2, the same as her twin sister Rem.


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