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Randohal Lugnica (ランドハル・ルグニカ) was the 41st King of Lugnica and Ford Lugnica's older brother. Like the rest of the Royal Family, he fell victim to the mysterious plague that had wiped out the entire Royal Family.


Randohal has yet to appear in the story in any shape or form, but as a member of the Royal Family it can be assumed he had gold hair and crimson red eyes.


Randohal lacked political ability and was often admonished by the Sage Council when he tried to carry out his ideas, but he was a good person who was trying to help the people of his Kingdom.


Following the sudden mysterious illness that first plagued Zabiel Lugnica and soon Fourier Lugnica as well, Randohal was soon to follow. He, like the rest of his family, battled the illness for an entire month, untill he finally passed away on the same day as his fourth son Fourier, and only a couple of days after his first son Zabiel.