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Razcrew (ラズクルー) is a slave trader in Kararagi, who was the head of the now defunct Razcrew Company.


Razcrew was a well dressed man, with a large build. His clothes were adorned with various decorations and he wore a bracelet meteor on his left arm which connected to the slave collars, rendering him able to administer pain to his slaves when needed.


Razcrew used underhand means to attack merchants on the roads of Kararagi, near Banan enabling him to get rich from stealing their products and enslaving others. After getting hold of Anastasia Hoshin, Mimi Pearlbaton and Hetaro Pearlbaton as slaves, Razcrew planned to sell them on the slave markets in the north of Kararagi. However, his plan was thwarted, and he ended up being enslaved himself.