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Re:Zero -INFINITY (Re:ゼロから始まる異世界生活 -INFINITY-) is a game that is developed by Tianjin Tianxiang Interactive Technology Co. and published by Black Tea Rabbit Studio and it has been authorized by White Fox.

The game launched in January 14th, 2020.


This game is a retelling of the first three arcs of the Re:Zero series. Its base story covers up to episode 18 of the anime/the end of Volume 6 of the light novel. It also features the original voice actors Kobayashi Yuusuke, Takahashi Rie, Minase Inori, Murakawa Rie, Uchiyama Yumi, and more, reprising their roles from the Re:Zero anime.

On April 13, an update was released to the story that covered the white whale fight (Episodes 19-21/Volume 7. Episodes 22/Volume 8 and further will be added later).


The game has a turn-based system. You can select up to three characters into your party. Each of them will have four attacks (Three regular moves and one ultimate move). This game introduces AP (Action Points). You gain one AP point for each of your character's normal attack and gain two AP for every end of the enemy's turn. You can spend these AP for a stronger attack. The characters will have a meter on their character cards during battle. Their meter will increase when the character damages the enemy, receives damage from the enemy, or combo them while they're in midair. If you combo the enemy while they're in midair, they'll drop glowing orbs that help you fill your character's bars faster. If you build up enough bars for your meter, the character will enter a cinematic scene to assist with your party. The meter can stack up to 200%. The more the meter builds up, the more effectiveness the ultimate has.

The game also has an elemental hexagon. Each character is given a specific element type out of the following: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness. Each element has its own strength and weakness. For example: Fire is weak against Water yet it's strong against Wind. Both Light and Darkness are weak against each other, so they take heavy damage no matter what. There are also non-elemental types. Characters that have a grey icon are not weak against characters with other types.

This game also features character interaction. You can interact with your favorite characters and build a relationship with them in the game. They will talk to you and they share some interesting stories with you. The game adds side stories and character backstories that were not in the anime. You will experience their emotions, and they will accompany you throughout your daily life in another world. The characters that you are limited to interact are: Felt, Emilia, Reinhard, Elsa, Rem, Roswaal, Young Ram, Young Rem, Crusch, Felix, Anastasia, Julius, Priscilla, and Petelguese.

Playable Characters[]

Non-Playable Characters[]


  • Black Tea Rabbit Studio had announced a limited time Chinese New Year event starting from January 23 to February 6 which includes: Chinese New Year themed Crusch and Ferris, a game original side story featuring a game original exclusive character named Austin, and a brand new rhythm mini-game.
  • A limited time Valentine's Day event starting from February 20 to March 19 which includes: Detective themed Emilia, Beatrice, Rem, and Ram and a game original side story featuring a game original exclusive characters: a wanted criminal named Eranos, a blue haired half-elf girl named Anemone, and a red haired girl named Lycoris.
  • A limited time Easter Day event starting on April 2 which includes: Easter themed Rem and Ram.
  • A limited time special spring event subtitled "Sword Demon Love Poem ~Flower Prosperity Story~" starting on April 30 which includes kimono-worn Young Wilhelm and Theresia.
  • A limited time Halloween-themed event starting on May 28 which includes: Dracula Princess Emilia, Little Devil Beatrice, and Witch Anastasia.


  • Many of the gameplay mechanics that were in the beta were changed in the final game.
    • In order to upgrade characters to Breakthrough 2, they would need level 3 element crystals and gold keys, and in order to get level 3 element crystals, you would need to craft materials. In the final version, this mechanic was removed completely and because of that, characters' Breakthrough requirement has been reduced from "earning level 3 element crystals and gold keys" to "level 2 element crystals and silver keys".
    • In the beta, you'll be given unlimited turns even if you did not complete the required turns to beat the stage. In the final version, you'll be given limited turns to beat the stage, and if the remaining turns reach 0, you'll automatically lose.
  • Most of the characters' dialogue has given a lot of new dialog and changes, but some of them remained the same.