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The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End (始まりの終わりと終わりの始まり) is the first episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Natsuki Subaru has been summoned in a different world. He doesn't know what the reason for his unexpected appearance in the fantasy world is.

Initially, he set himself upon the belief that he was the destined protagonist of this new fantasy world. Thus, he assumed and acted according to this false belief.

When he meets Kadomon, a vendor, in the streets, he learns that he cannot read the language of this world. The vendor asked him to buy some of his appas (that's what apples are called in this world). When Subaru showed him his coins from his world, the vendor told him that the coin he was using was foreign, and needed to use the national currency. When Subaru tells him that he is broke, the vendor yells at him, as he was 'disturbing' his business.

Subaru leaves to search for more information on the world. Eventually, he encounters misfortune such as entering the girl's bathroom which results in a slap to his face, entering the demi-humans' inn which results in him falling from the bridge across the river, and meeting the three thieves named Ton, Chin, and Kan who were ready to rob him.


Anime Differences[]

  • Felt running on the rooftop in the beginning of the episode was added.
  • Parts of the episode such as Subaru attempting to save a child, entering a female bathroom, and entering a demi-humans only bar, are added as anime exclusive while in the light novel, those scenes never happened.
  • Felt explaining to Subaru about the world's time system was omitted. However, it was later adapted in the first season of Re:Zero Break Time.