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Rem (レム) is the eleventh episode of the Re:Zero anime.


In the past, Ram and Rem lived in a demon village where the birth of twins is considered taboo. Ram was a prodigy, while Rem struggled with life. One day, Ram's horn was cut off by the Witch Cult, and Rem has been blaming herself since. Back in the present, Rem regains her senses after Subaru knocked her unconscious. Subaru, Ram, and Rem run away from the Demon Beasts, but they encounter the puppy shaman behind the attack. So the twins can escape, Subaru stays put to fight the shaman, who has transformed into a fearsome beast. Subaru stabs the shaman with his broken sword, but the attack is not effective. Just as Subaru is about to be killed, Roswaal arrives to defeat the shaman and the remaining demon beasts, which also removes the curses on Subaru. Back at the mansion, Subaru wakes up with Rem in the room, and Subaru tells Rem to keep on living for the future rather than to feel sorry for herself, causing her to fall in love with him. That night Subaru again asks Emilia to go on a date with him to the village the next day and she agrees.


Anime Differences

  • A bit more details were added to Rem's past
  • Subaru's dream about a shadowy woman before he wakes up is cut
  • Subaru and Rem's conversation is streamlined
  • Subaru & Emilia happened at night in the front lawn instead of during the day in his room, the scene is slightly shorter


  • Redo was used as an insert song instead of the opening.