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Return to the Capital (再来の王都) is the twelfth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


The episode begins one week after the Wolgarm incident with Subaru and Emilia coming back from a morning outing with the Irlam Village kids. After returning to the mansion, Emilia is summoned to the capital and the two are escorted to the capital by Wilhelm and Felix. At the capital, Subaru sees the fruit merchant and buys a bag of appas. They then meet Julius and the sight of him chivalrously kissing Emilia's hand causes a jealous reaction by Subaru. Subaru then witnesses a redheaded young woman, Priscilla being chased by the same three thugs who killed him in previous timelines. He goes into the alley to save her but the thugs run away when Old Man Rom appears looking for Felt, whom Subaru says was taken away by Reinhard. Later, Emilia insists that Subaru does not accompany her to the castle where the candidates for the upcoming Royal Selection will gather. However, the next day Subaru breaks his promise and accepts a ride to the castle in Priscilla's carriage as her apple servant. At the castle, Emilia is shocked to see Subaru with Priscilla who calls Subaru her manservant. As Emilia, Priscilla, Anastasia, and Crusch wait, and to everybody's surprise, Reinhard introduces Felt as the fifth and final candidate.


Anime Differences[]

  • In the light novel, Emilia waits for Subaru at the edge of the clearing to go back to the mansion with him. In the anime, this is changed to her actively associating with the children.
  • Several scenes are omitted from the anime, including the conversation about the Earth Dragon's Divine Protection, Subaru's conversation with Priscilla and Rom, Rem and Al's fighting against the thugs, etc.
  • In the light novel, Ferris wears a skirt as part of his Royal Guard uniform. This is changed to pants in the anime.