Episode 12 Title
Return to the Royal Capital
 Kanji 再来の王都
 Romaji Sairai no Ōto
 Volume Volume 4 Ch 1-3
 Air Date June 19, 2016
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 Opening Redo
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Return to the Royal Capital (再来の王都) is the twelfth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Episode 12


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the light novel, Emilia waits for Subaru at the edge of the clearing to go back to the mansion with him. In the anime, this is changed to her actively associating with the children.
  • Several scenes are omitted from the anime, including Subaru's conversation with Priscilla and Rom, Rem/Al fighting against the thugs, etc.
  • In the light novel, Ferris wears a skirt as part of his Royal Guard uniform. This is changed to pants in the anime.