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Self-Proclaimed Knight Natsuki Subaru (自称騎士、ナツキ・スバル) is the thirteenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


The nobles are surprised to hear that Felt is from the slums which causes tension between them and the Royal Knights. Felt declares that she won't enter the Royal Selection, and picks a fight with the other candidates. When Emilia is criticized for being a half-elf, Subaru declares that he is Emilia's knight, accidentally insulting the Knights of Lugunica and offending Julius. Old Man Rom breaks into the throne room to take Felt away, though he is easily caught. In a desperate attempt to save him, Felt agrees to enter the Royal Selection and declares that she will destroy the current nation when she wins. Afterward, Julius challenges Subaru to a duel with wooden swords because of his insult of the Royal Knights and viciously beats Subaru in a one-sided battle. When Subaru wakes up, Emilia tells him to stay in the capital to recover, as she and Roswaal return to the mansion. When Subaru refuses, Emilia asks about his reasons for going so far to help her, but Subaru is unable to tell her about his ability nor what happened in the first timeline. Emilia then accuses Subaru of trying to help himself under the guise of helping her, believing herself to be unworthy of happiness because she is a half-elf. This results in Subaru losing his sanity, verbally attacking Emilia with his experiences in the other timelines, and claiming that Emilia owes him far more than he ever owed her. Unable to understand each other, nor able to trust Subaru anymore, Emilia decides to end their friendship.


Anime Differences[]

  • The training grounds where Subaru and Julius fought is a coliseum instead of a separate room.
  • The royal candidates and their attendants' introductory speeches are significantly shortened.
  • The scene where Puck, Roswaal, and Emilia threaten those present in the throne room is cut.

Director's Cut Changes/Fixes[]

  • Numerous animation was changed/fixed in the episode.
    • Reinhard using the sword to cut the smoke was shortened
    • Most of the character's facial expressions during Subaru and Julius' mock battle were fixed. Also, their swords were resized.
    • Subaru and Julius' fight became more detailed than the original, showing Subaru picking up the sand and Subaru's black and blue bruises were added.