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The Sickness Called Despair (絶望という病) is the fourteenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Three days after the Royal Selection, Subaru and Rem stay at the Karsten Mansion to recuperate and for the former's treatment. Frustrated at his weakness, Subaru trains obsessively with Wilhelm, but shows little improvement. Reinhard comes to apologize to Subaru and asks him to reconcile with Julius, but Subaru refuses. Subaru and Rem go to town and meet Kadomon the vendor who says that people will not support Emilia for the Royal Selection because of her link to the Witch of Envy. At night, over drinks, Crusch tells him to be more positive, and Felix says that he should find a way to make up with Emilia. Rem tells them that through her connection with Ram, something is occurring back at Mathers' domain. Subaru and Rem decide to return to Roswaal's Mansion, but while staying at a inn, Rem leaves during the night to help on her own in the hopes of protecting Subaru. Upon learning this, Subaru hires a cart driver named Otto Suwen to take him to the mansion, but at nightfall, Otto's Earth Dragon refuses to continue. Subaru walks on alone and meets a group of dark-robed and hooded humans who encircle Subaru before disappearing. At dawn, he reaches the Irlam Village and finds dead bodies everywhere, and when he reaches the mansion, he is distraught to see Rem's body.


Anime Differences[]

  • Reinhard visits Subaru during the day instead of at night.
  • The scene where Subaru and Rem visit Kadomon's store first before heading over to the candidate information board is cut.
  • Rem is the one to inform Subaru about the Hakugei instead of Crusch and Ferris.
  • The scene where Ketty introduces Subaru to Otto is cut along with his explanation of why he was depressed.
  • Otto stops at night instead of in the morning after waking Subaru up.