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The Outside of Madness (狂気の外側) is the fifteenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru enters the mansion to find it littered with bodies, including Ram and the children he once saved, and eventually discovers an icy room where he freezes to death. He resets with a new timeline back at the vendor's stall again where he hugs Rem and goes catatonic. Crusch and Felix can heal him physically but unfortunately cannot help with his mental state, what makes that Rem decide to take Subaru back to Roswaal's Mansion, hoping that he will regain to his senses by seeing Emilia. While they nearing Roswaal's domain, their cart is ambushed by the Witch Cult and while Rem fights them, one escapes with the unconscious Subaru. Subaru finds himself chained up and meets their leader, the maniacal Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti. Rem finds the meeting place and attempts to destroy Petelgeuse and his men, but to no avail. Rem is then tortured by Petelgeuse and then left in a mess, with both arms and legs mangled and broken. Petelgeuse leaves Subaru alone; however, Rem, with what little life she has, uses magic to cut the chains and then tells Subaru "to live", and confesses her love to him, before passing away. Subaru carries Rem's body to the mansion, seeing piles of bodies along the way. He finally arrives at the mansion, only to find a dead Ram before a monstrous Puck who appears outside the mansion and tells Subaru to sleep along with his daughter and decapitates him. Subaru then respawns by the vendor's stall again.


Anime Differences[]

  • Ram and Petra's death is changed. In the light novel, Petra died at the village and Ram died in a room at the edge of the second floor. Also, Ram had no wounds on her body.
  • Subaru finds Emilia's hair accessories and a blood trail on the ground which leads him to Roswaal's room instead of just heading there out of despair.
  • Subaru hugs Rem, who's right next to him, while in the light novel he collapses after hearing and seeing Rem inside the shop.
  • Rem doesn't argue with Ferris over his decision to stop treating Subaru.
  • The scene where Rem discovers that Subaru left the Dragon Carriage and slept beside her was cut.
  • The Rem vs Witch Cult members fight is shortened.
  • Rem notices the Witch Cult member run off with Subaru, while in the light novel she doesn't notice until she realizes that Subaru and a Witch Cult member were missing.
  • Subaru first meets Petelgeuse after regaining consciousness instead of seeing him while being carried into the cave. Also, Subaru was chained to the wall instead of later on.
  • Petelgeuse's self-abuse is shown off-screen or censored.
  • The Witch Cult member's voices are heard and have dialogue while in the light novel their dialogue is simply a dash.
  • Rem's last words were censored while in the light novel she calls his name.
  • Puck is mentioned to be a large as the mansion itself, yet his size was made smaller.
  • Subaru's meeting with the shadowy person before regaining consciousness is cut.
  • Ram is dead in the garden by the shed Rem tried to protect during Subaru's last life, while her death isn't mentioned in the light novel.
  • Subaru's beheading by frostbite death is anime original as his cause of death wasn't mentioned.