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Disgrace in the Extreme (醜態の果てに) is the seventeenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Being under the attack of the Hakugei, the remaining merchants, along with Subaru, Rem and Otto, started to run for their lives, aware that they stand no chance against such an opponent. Seeing no other way out of this situation, though, Rem left the money in Subaru's care and temporarily paralyzes him with a hit in his throat. Unable to move, he couldn't stop her from going to fight the Whale, and his consciousness slowly fades as he sees her leaving for his sake. Regaining his consciousness, he found himself still in Otto's carriage, trying to get out of the mist. Subaru yelled at Otto for abandoning Rem, but while they are still arguing Otto suddenly forgets who Rem is. The Whale attacked them from behind, but they manage to get some time and distance and surpass it again. Otto panicked and kept wondering why, out of all the merchants in the mist, the Hakugei keeps following them. Subaru then realizes it is a Demon Beast and therefore it must be attracted by him. Hearing this, Otto throws Subaru off the carriage with no hesitation.

Seeing himself left alone and threatened by the Whale, Subaru can only think of running, but his current condition won't allow him to do his best. He gained advantage due to the Whale's howl, with him being blown away. After getting up, he somehow managed to escape the Hakugei's pursuit. He then searched the surroundings for a trace of it, but instead sees Otto's carriage approaching. When about to get on, Subaru noticed then Otto is missing. He asked the dragon about him, but he receives an answer only when noticing the Witch Cult's daggers and some spilled blood inside the carriage. Saddened, he hops in and tells the dragon to go forward to the village. It is only in the morning that they arrive and they are greeted by the village's children. Relieved that they are still alive, Subaru collapsed unconscious in front of them.

Subaru woke up to find himself at Roswaal's Mansion, with Ram standing by his side, who he mistook for Rem. When he jumps at her out of happiness and relief, she told him that his gesture can be considered indecent, the moment when he realized that it was Rem's sister and not Rem herself. Subaru then asks who healed him. After hearing that it was Emilia, he felt overwhelmed by guilt.

Subaru left to go see Emilia and tried to force her out that place, but his despair doesn't allow him to explain anything. Therefore, Emilia refused to cooperate, causing Subaru to feel obligated to try to tell her the truth. While he gathers his courage and words, she was confused about his behavior and asks him why he is crying. He decided to put his life at stake and tell her about his ability, not caring what was to happen anymore. But while he began to tell her what is happening, the time starts to slow down, only this time, it doesn't seem to cause him that much pain. Seeing this, Subaru revealed to Emilia his ability to travel back from death. However, he was shocked to discover that Emilia had been killed by the same presence in his stead.

Beatrice made her appearance in the room and Subaru, in his despair and pain, begged for her to kill him. She said that she's had enough pain and sorrow, so she sent him away along with Emilia's body, saying that if he wanted to die, he should do it away from her sight.

Subaru found himself in the middle of a forest, still holding Emilia in his arms. In his agony, he yelled for somebody to kill him, and then some members of the Witch Cult appear, lead by Petelgeuse. The latter tried to hit him with his Unseen Hand, but Subaru dodges just in time. This made Petelgeuse angry, for there is no person who should be able to see the Unseen Hand given from the Witch of Envy. Before he can continue, his attacks are stopped, though, by none other than a very enraged Puck, who came to avenge Emilia, whom Puck referred to as his daughter.


Anime Differences[]

  • Beatrice mentioning her mother is cut from the anime.