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From Zero (ゼロから) is the eighteenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Upon Puck's arrival, the spirit issued a proclamation of death before raining down a barrage of icicles onto the members of the Witch Cult. Seeing this sight, Subaru called out Puck's name but the Spirit merely told him to shut up. At that moment, Petelgeuse attempted to crush Puck with his Unseen Hands. Thinking that he was successful, the madman mocked the spirit's sloth for not killing him immediately. However, Puck easily breaks free from the restraints, unleashing his true form in the process as a harsh blizzard engulfed the surroundings. Now towering over the both of them, Puck declared that Petelguese would need at least a thousand Shadows to kill him, half of what Satella could achieve.

As he began to freeze and shatter Petelgeuse's body, the madman proclaimed his faith to the Witch of Envy and how he eagerly looked forward to their reunion. Now turning his attention to Subaru, Puck mentioned to him that he had committed three sins; the first was breaking his promise with Emilia, the second was returning to the mansion against her wishes, and the third was that he killed her. Continuing on, Puck informed Subaru that he would destroy the world as stated in their contract, adding that Emilia was his entire reason for existing. Noticing that the fog was drawing closer, Puck stated that the Hakugei, was approaching. As Subaru began to die from being frozen bit by bit, he began to hear the mad laughter of a man he hated, before realizing that it was coming from himself. As Subaru died lamenting his failures, Puck declared that he had been slothful.

Returning in front of Kadomon's store for the third time, Subaru pulled Rem aside as he continued running. After cooling down for a bit, Subaru apologized for his previous behavior, stating that he was feeling stressed so he skipped out on explaining. After saying that he had been bothering a lot of people with his contemplation and agony, Subaru remarked that he had finally found the solution to finally take care of everything. Reaching out his hand, he asked Rem to run away with him. As Subaru listed the possible travel locations, Rem asked if it was part of another great plan to help Roswaal and Emilia. However, Subaru shot down the question, bitterly remarking that he was helpless in the capital and even more powerless if he returned to the mansion. He then fell into a self-loathing rant about why he should disappear. Already having enough failures and deaths, Subaru asked Rem to run away with him and start a new life together in Kararagi. However, Rem refused the request, saying that they should be happy when talking about their future.

Rem then gave a speech regarding how they would live their ideal lives together in Kararagi, from the time of their arrival, settling down into jobs, having kids, and eventually her passing on before him. Hearing this, Subaru asked why would she still refuse if she is describing that life in such happy detail. Rem replied back that leaving now would mean abandoning the traits of him that she loved most. After hearing that it was easy to give up, Subaru shouted back that it was much easier to think that he could achieve something. With no way out and nothing he could do, giving up was the only path left for him. Rem replied back that giving up wouldn't suit him because he isn't someone who would stop while halfway through. Hearing this, Subaru replied that she was wrong and goes on a rant about how he hates himself for wanting everything while lacking strength, dreaming while lacking knowledge, and struggling in futility as his only option. Continuing on, Subaru yelled that she knows nothing about him before he came here. Despite having endless freedom and time, he did nothing and what he is now was the result of that.

Listening on, Rem listed on the reasons why she loves him. From the way he brushed her hair, held her hand, and walked together, she gently continued the daily things about him that she adored. As Subaru asked why, Rem told him that listening to him say he hated himself made her want to tell him all of the wonderful things she knows about him. Subaru retorted back that his behavior was phony, as he knows himself best. Finally raising her voice, Rem retorted tearfully that if all he understood was himself, then he knows nothing about how she views him. To her, he is a hero who saved her by saying the words that melted her frozen heart and allowed her to move on from her past. With the acknowledgment that someone else believes in him and is willing to support him, Subaru slowly regained his resolve. In the process, Subaru confessed that he loves Emilia, with his goal being able to see her smile. Rem joked that it was cruel of him to ask of this from a girl he just rejected. Nevertheless, Subaru regained the determination to reface his problems in helping Emilia, essentially starting his story from a new beginning "from zero".


Anime Differences[]

  • Parts of Subaru, Petelgeuse and Puck's encounter are cut including the part where Puck mentions Echidna.
  • Rem is outside of Kadomon's store instead of inside of it.