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The Witch of Reunion (再会の魔女) is the second episode of the Re:Zero anime.


At the market, Satella questioned Subaru, asking him why he called her by the Witch of Envy's name. He didn't know how to respond, causing Satella to leave. However, Felt took the opportunity to steal the crest, prompting Satella to accuse him of working together. He denied her accusation but was unable to defend himself as she left.

Chasing after her, Subaru found himself in a familiar alleyway, once again coming face to face with Ton, Chin and Kan. Annoyed with their appearance, Subaru tried walking past them, only to accidentally get stabbed by Chin's knife. Frightened by the events, the three thugs ran off leaving Subaru to die. Once he was dead, he returned to the save point in front of Kadomon's store.

After coming to his senses in front of Kadomon's store, Subaru checked his body and supplies on a set of stairs nearby, coming to the conclusion that he had some ability to go back in time if he died. As he walked around, he remembered Satella's actions and the events that would follow, ultimately deciding to help her again. Making his way back to Kadomon, he asked him if he had seen a girl get robbed, learning that a girl who used magic had been robbed earlier. Soon after, Subaru finds himself face to face with the three thugs again, this time opting to call for help. The three thugs were relieved when nothing happened though they became scared when Reinhard van Astrea appeared, deciding to run away as they knew they couldn't beat him. Subaru thanked Reinhard for his help, asked him to tell a silver-haired girl not to go to the stolen goods warehouse, then left to get there as fast as he could.

Once he arrived in the slums, Subaru asked people the location of Felt's house. However, on his way there, he bumped into Elsa, immediately remembering what she had done in the past. Elsa was curious about his behavior but decided to leave him alone, allowing him to keep on going to his destination. He took a look around Felt's house while he waited for her to come back, causing her to mistake him as a robber and attack him. Subaru eventually managed to explain while he was there and the two left together for Old Man Rom's warehouse.

At Old Man Rom's warehouse, Subaru had his phone appraised, with Felt learning that it was indeed worth the money that he claimed it to be. Getting the answer he wanted, Subaru tried to get the deal over with as fast as possible, causing Felt to become suspicious of him. He tried to make an excuse to clear her suspicion but ended up deepening it instead. Suddenly, everyone in the warehouse heard a knock on the door, causing Subaru to become afraid as he thought it was Elsa. To his surprise, the person in question was Satella, someone that he didn't expect to see at the warehouse.