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This page is about the anime episode. For the character, see Wilhelm van Astrea.

Wilhelm van Astrea (ヴィルヘルム・ヴァン・アストレア) is the twentieth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


The battle with the Hakugei begins with the night banisher fired to temporarily change the appearance of the nighttime sky to daytime. Subaru and Rem draw the whale towards them with the Crusch and Anastasia armies attacking the Whale, and Wilhelm slashing the Whale at close range hoping to ground the Whale. However, the whale is still floating in the sky after those attacks and it unleashes a fog from glands on its skin. Subaru and Rem evade a fog blast, which Subaru realizes erases a person's existence, calling it a 'Fog of Elimination'. The armies begin to lose soldiers and Subaru yells out his 'Return by Death' to draw the Whale towards him and away from the injured soldiers. Wilhelm and Ricardo's unit follow Subaru and relentlessly attack the Whale, but they suffer setbacks as Wilhelm gets swallowed by it and Ricardo is badly injured. As the fog clears, three Whales are seen floating in the sky.


Anime Differences[]

  • Wilhelm's flashback scenes with Theresia are rearranged to be included throughout the battle.
  • Crusch is holding her sword when using her Hundred Man Sword Strike while in the light novel Subaru notes that she isn't holding anything.
  • The Hakugei comes down to attack Crusch instead of Wilhelm jumping up using his Earth Dragon to fight it in the air.
  • The Hakugei tries to eat the falling Wilhelm instead of attempting to hit him with its tail.
  • The cut tooth is white instead of being yellowish.
  • Wilhelm uses one sword to cut out the Hakugei's eye in a circular motion rather than four swords and a square.
  • Parts of the dialog during the fight against the Hakugei was cut.
  • The discussion about the mana repulsion crystals was cut.
  • The group doesn't lessen the density of the mist before dealing with the crazed people.
  • The Witch of Envy's voice is cut and the lower half of her face is shown while in the light novel he only hears her voice.
  • Ricardo saves only Subaru from the Hakugei's attack whereas in the light novel, he saves Subaru and Rem by shoving Patrasche with his liger. Also, Ricardo getting hit by the Hakugei after saving Subaru happened off-camera.

Director's Cut Changes/Fixes[]

  • The Hakugei went from hand drawn to CG when it charges towards Wilhelm.