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A Flash of Sloth (怠惰一閃) is the twenty second episode of the Re:Zero anime.


After trading insults with Julius, Subaru reconciles with him somewhat. Subaru's attack on the Witch Cult begins by approaching Petelgeuse using his smell of the Witch which makes Petelgeuse believe that Subaru is the Archbishop of Pride. When Petelgeuse realizes that Subaru doesn't have the Gospel he should have received as an Archbishop and says that he defiled it, Petelgeuse completely loses his composure. With his guard down, Mimi and Tivey launch a surprise attack to destroy the hideout and Wilhelm kills Petelgeuse while the rest of his band go after Petelgeuse's Fingers. However, Petelgeuse's soul is still present in one of the Fingers who attacks, using Unseen Hands to kill some of the band and capture Subaru. Fortunately, the Finger is distracted by a tiny spirit and Wilhelm kills her and rescues Subaru. Subaru is upset at his critical mistake which allowed soldiers to die, but Wilhelm tells him to keep fighting. As Subaru and his band of soldiers ride to evacuate people from the mansion and the village, Felix tells Subaru to make up with Julius. As Subaru approaches Julius, he finds himself suddenly alone on the road enveloped in a blue mist, and Ram mysteriously appears on a cliff above holding a bright blue flower.


Anime Differences[]

  • Most of the reunion scene, including Ricardo affirming to Subaru that Patrasche is female, the entire Felix, Wilhelm, Ricardo, Mimi, and Tivey dialog, and the entire dialog about the fight against the Hakugei was omitted.
  • Most of the discussion about the battle against the Witch Cult at Roswaal's territory is omitted, including the part where Wilhelm mentions the witches.
  • Subaru and Julius' apology to each other is moved to during their trip to Roswaal's territory instead of soon after meeting each other. In addition, Julius and Wilhelm's explanation of Petelgeuse, Kurgan and Regulus is omitted.
  • Conversation between Emilia and Puck is added.
  • Parts of Subaru and Petelgeuse's conversation is cut, including the part where Subaru claims he is Pride and Petelgeuse's explanation of their plan.
  • Subaru's flashback of explaining Petelgeuse's abilities to the rest of the group is cut. Also, Wilhelm decapitating Petelgeuse after bisecting him is omitted.
  • The sloth-man was given dialog whereas, in the light novel, the fox-man was given dialog.
  • Felix and Ricardo's conversation is omitted.
  • The scenes covering the finger kills are modified to have Petelguese's Unseen Hand ambush appear early. And because of that, the scene where Subaru and other members revisit Petelguese's corpse, Petelguese kills four members of the Fang of Iron and the introduction of Rajan is omitted. Also, Petelgeuse's Unseen Hand crushed its victims rather than gouging out their throats.
  • Wilhelm and the female finger's fight is shortened and she is killed by Wilhelm's slash rather than being stabbed through. Also, Mimi and Tivey's attack is added to create the earth rain instead of Wilhelm doing it himself.
  • Julius and Ferris regroup with them and discuss Petelgeuse's abilities at the female finger's body rather than at the spot where they were fighting the Witch Cult members.
  • Ferris' report about the fingers is omitted.
  • The conversation between Felix and Subaru on their way to Irlam Village is shortened.
  • The white-robed person is clearly shown to be Ram rather than being unknown until they defeat her.


  • The second verse of Stay Alive was used as the ending theme for this episode instead of the first verse.