Episode 23 Title
Unscrupulous Sloth
 Kanji 悪辣なる怠惰
 Romaji Akuratsu naru Taida
 Volume Volume 8 Ch 3-5
 Air Date September 4, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Paradisus-Paradoxum
 Ending Stay Alive
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 22
 Next Episode 24

Unscrupulous Sloth (悪辣なる怠惰) is the twenty third episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Episode 23


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The vines attacked Subaru without him attempting to touch the flower.
  • Julius explaining to Subaru and revealing he can use Spirit Arts was moved to after he freed Subaru from Ram's illusions instead of during the evacuation in Irlam Village.
  • Ram did not use a cane while capturing Subaru.
  • Ram's fight against Wilhelm and Ricardo is cut. Instead, she is stopped by Wilhelm's sword, and she reveals her identity instead of Subaru guessing who she is based on her voice. Also Felix assisted with Wilhelm and Ricardo instead of Julius.
  • Ricardo's dialog was absent for the entire episode after being freed from Ram's illuson.
  • Subaru and Ram's conversation on the way to Irlam Village is cut.
  • Part of Ram's discussion with Subaru is given to Petra.
  • Parts of Subaru and Julius' discussion is cut including Ram's presence.
  • Subaru's discussion with the merchants is cut.
  • Ferris and Julius are present when Subaru regains consciousness. Parts of their scene is cut including Ferris mentioning that he died once.
  • The Ketty Petelgeuse's death is moved off screen and Aro and Ik's protecting Subaru and Julius is cut.
  • The fourth Petelgeuse, the female one, has her death changed. In the anime she is ripped apart by a group of Wolgarm off screen while in the light novel she receives a fatal wound from one Wolgarm and dies from blood loss in front of Subaru. In addition, Patrasche's appearance and the female Petelgeuse throwing things with her Unseen Hands is cut.
  • The Emilia vs Petelgeuse fight is shortened, cutting out Petelgeuse using other Witch Cult members as shields and Emilia's physical combat.
  • A scene where Emilia sheds a tear after noticing the villager's stares following her battle against Petelgeuse is added.
  • Julius and Ferris chase after Subaru instead of only Julius chasing after him with Ferris and Wilhelm arriving soon after.
  • A scene where Emilia turns to look at the forest the moment Julius kills Subaru and Petelgeuse is added.


  • The second verse of Stay Alive was used as the ending theme for this episode instead of the first verse.