Episode 24 Title
Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight
 Kanji 自称騎士と最優の騎士
 Romaji Jishou Kishi to Saiyuu no Kishi
 Volume Volume 9
 Air Date September 11, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Paradisus-Paradoxum
 Ending Stay Alive
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 23
 Next Episode 25

Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight (自称騎士と最優の騎士) is the twenty fourth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Returning back from death, Subaru suddenly found himself in a key strategical meeting with his allies. While still momentarily lost in a daze, Ferris sneaked behind him to nibble on his ear, with the latter knight saying he couldn't him but want to tease him after seeing Subaru so spaced out. Finally gaining some awareness of his current surroundings, Subaru mentally thought to himself over how his save point had been updated. After collecting his thoughts, Subaru asked the group if they were aware of an ability to overwrite a person's consciousness in order to possess them.

Episode 24


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Subaru tells Emilia that the children don't mind riding in a Dragon Carriage with her while he's passing by instead of her stopping him.
  • A flashback of their strategy meeting is cut.
  • The scene between Subaru, Julius, Ferris, and Wilhelm vs Ketty and the Witch Cult members is shortened.
  • Subaru's explanation about why he has Emilia's robe is moved to a scene after Emilia evacuates with the children.
  • A scene where Subaru takes advantage of Ram's Divine Protection of Clairvoyance to inform her of the details is added, while in the web novel he explains everything to her at Irlam Village instead.
  • A flashback of Subaru explaining the details to the villagers is shortened.
  • Most of Otto's scene is cut and because of that Ricardo's explanation about finding him is also cut, with Tivey mentioning that he's a captured Witch Cult member instead.
  • Petelgeuse tells Subaru the details of the trial without him asking for them first. In addition, his and Subaru's conversation about the gospel and Witch Genes is cut, and Subaru is the one who has the Conversing Mirror Meteor instead of Petelgeuse using his own.
  • Subaru has Patrasche run Petelgeuse over instead of punching him. In addition, Subaru and Julius' battle with him at the cave is replaced with a separate battle at the place where he committed suicide back in Arc 2, and because of this the dialogue that was supposed to be said during the battle is moved to other scenes.
  • Julius uses Al Clarista instead of Clarista to cut the Unseen Hands.