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The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight (自称騎士と最優の騎士) is the twenty fourth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


With Subaru's death, he surprisingly resets back to the strategy meeting on the morning after the Hakugei battle. Now Subaru is aware that Petelgeuse can possess both the fingers and even him, he formulates a new strategy to take out the fingers first before going after Petelgeuse himself. Wilhelm drops by the mansion to clear up the misunderstanding from the letter and to order the evacuation of the village. Then Subaru, wearing a cloak to mask his presence, arrives to tell Emilia that an attack is imminent and convince her to follow through with the evacuation. Knowing that there are spies among the merchants, Subaru hands out the plan of evacuation that is two hours behind schedule, and the spy is apprehended. Subaru approaches Petelgeuse at his hideout offering to go through the ordeal to join the Witch Cult and become a new finger. When Subaru is asked to show his Gospel, he shows the metia he took from the spy to commence the surprise attack. Subaru runs, with Petelgeuse and the remaining fingers in pursuit. Mimi and Tivey arrive to take out the fingers, and Subaru draws Petelgeuse towards the bottom of the cliff which he jumped off in a past timeline. Julius arrives and attacks Petelgeuse, helped by Subaru's ability to see the Unseen Hands.


Anime Differences[]

  • Scenes beyond this point in both episodes 24 and 25 were anime original as the ninth volume of the light novel wasn't released until September 25th.
    • A Satella scene during Subaru's Return by Death was omitted.
    • Subaru asking Ricardo that if he spoke first after returning by death, but he has no idea what Subaru was talking about, was omitted.
    • The scenes after Subaru had told the expeditionary force that Petelgeuse can possess him as well, even the conversation with Wilhelm, Julius, Ricardo, and Felix through telepathy, was omitted.
    • A flashback of their strategy meeting is omitted.
    • Subaru's explanation about why he has Emilia's robe is moved to a scene after Emilia evacuates with the children.
    • A flashback of Subaru explaining the details to the villagers is shortened. Also, Puck having been involved with Subaru's plan was omitted.
    • A flashback of Subaru persuading Beatrice to leave the Forbidden Library was omitted.
    • Subaru and Ricardo's conversation was modified and moved to add Ferris and Julius's appearance and dialogue instead of a separate scene with Subaru. And because of that, most of Ricardo's dialog, including a private conversation with Subaru and the explanation about finding Otto was omitted, with Tivey mentioning that he's a captured Witch Cult member instead. In accordance with this, the key plot point of how Ricardo found the Conversation Mirror from the Witch Cult member and how they were able to contact each other was omitted.
    • Most of Otto's scene was omitted.
    • Petelgeuse tells Subaru the details of the trial without him asking for them first.
    • Petelguese uses his Unseen Hands to make himself float instead of using it to throw himself like a ball.