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Each One's Promise (それぞれの、誓い) is the twenty-sixth episode and the first episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Otto's wagon follows a large group of wagons to their location. In the back of the wagon are Subaru, Emilia, and a notably jealous Petra, to whom insists on sitting close to Subaru. The reason behind this is, that Emilia was getting too close to Subaru and doesn't want to lose out to her. Irked by this statement and Petra's "lackadaisical" Emilia voices her disapproval of the young girl's attitude. Nevertheless, Subaru manages to mediate the tension between the two and brings up his appreciation for everyone he's encountered thus far including Otto. Before he forgets, Subaru divulges to Emilia, the confession of love Rem made to him. Emilia, however, doesn't recall who Rem is. Shocked by this revelation, memories of Rem start flashing by.

Earlier that day, Rem rides in another group of wagons that are hauling a large prey back to the Kingdom of Lugnica. Inside the wagon where Rem and Crusch along with her retainers, the two briefly talk. It's then that the lead wagon is abruptly ambushed by a single unknown male individual. Crusch orders the driver to run the man down, but then Rem grabs onto Crusch and leaps into the air. The individual proceeds to destroy the wagon they once rode in as well as the one behind it and rebukes Crusch for trying to run their wagon over him. This leads to a heated discussion between Crusch and the individual who gets provoked after Crusch uses her wind magic on him. The individual then uses his power to blow off Cruschs left arm and another unknown male individual appears. This one notes his Euphoria for being able to eat copious amounts of food that surrounds him. While trying to stop the bleeding with her magic, Rem recognizes the two individuals. The individuals then introduce themselves as Witch Cult members Lye Batenkaitos of Gluttony and Regulus Corneas of Greed. As to why they assaulted Crusch and her retainers, is because a beloved "pet" of theirs was killed and they wanted to meet the ones responsible. Furious, Rem readies herself for combat as Regulus notes his disdain for fighting. On the other hand, Rem doesn't falter and proclaims that her Hero will come and defeat them. Growing her Oni horn, Rem starts fighting between Regulus and Lye. In the fight between the two, Rem is overpowered by Regulus and devoured by Lye.

That night, Subaru and Emilia arrive at a base where the Lugnican soldiers were being treated for their wounds. Panic-stricken, Subaru frantically rushes around the base in hopes to find Rem and briefly ruminates on how all of his closest companions have no recollection of Rem. Once Subaru finally finds Rem, the doctor that was tending to her claims she's beyond help. Despondent, Subaru commits suicide by jamming a broken sword into his throat, determined to save Rem and Emilia. Reawakening from the wagon that he rode in with Emilia and Petra. Immediately, Subaru asks Emilia where Rem is, however, to his dismay, she hasn't a clue who she is.

After he apologizes to Rem for not being able to save her, Puck appears. He confesses that even with his power, he's unable to awaken Rem from her deep slumber. In compensation to that, Puck discloses the ability that usurped Rem's name and memories. Before teleporting out of the room, Puck requests that Subaru take care of Lia (Emilia) for him. Outside in the mansion's hallway, Crusch approaches Subaru and asks about Rem's condition. Subaru discloses it to her and says some self-deprecative words, to which, Crusch disagrees. She then informs Subaru about the gathering in the lounge area. It's there that Ferris, Wilhelm, Crusch, Emilia, and Subaru discuss the contemporary matters. Apparently, during the attack, Crusch also had her memories eaten and it's deduced that the Witch Cult is responsible for it. Emilia notes that she feels responsible for it all and Ferris agrees as Emilia is a half-elf. Subaru then snaps and rebukes the sentiment and Crusch agrees. The subject then changes when Ferris wishes to dissolve the alliance between them due to the dangers of the Witch Cult. Wilhelm opposes that notion, which, baffles Ferris as he's worried about Crusch's wellbeing. Crusch, however, reassures him that although she has no memory of who she was, Crusch is adamant to get her memories back. Moved to tears Ferris is consoled by Crusch and with that, the subject of dissolving the alliance is overturned.

Afterward, Subaru returns to his room and is soon joined by Emilia. They talk about Rem and then about Subaru's well being as his disconcertion with Rem is affecting him very much as well. Thankful for Emilia's thoughtfulness, Subaru then asks Emilia to turn around so he can cry. She acquiesces and as Subaru cries, Emilia consoles him. Filled with determination, Subaru vows to restore Rem to her former state.


Anime Differences[]

  • Some parts between Crusch and Rem's conversation was omitted, including Crusch asking Rem a question about Roswaal's preparations against the Witch Cult.
  • The red mist surrounding the area was changed to have limbs and fragments of the carriage fly around the area.
  • Rem thinking about how she couldn't save the other soldiers, along with Crusch, before Regulus killed them, was omitted.
  • Rem assuming Hetaro Pearlbaton and other members of the Fang of Iron escaping was omitted.
  • Parts of Regulus' dialog was omitted, including both of Regulus and Lye's conversation.
  • Crusch attacked Regulus with her sword, rather than swiping her hand to unleash her One Blow One Hundred Felled sword skill, like in the novels.
  • When Regulus uses his authority in the light novel, he physically moves such as raising his arm to cleanly sever Crusch's arm off. In the anime, he telepathically uses his authority.
  • After Rem shot her Ice Spears at Lye, he briefly used his Leaper Technique to avoid them and close the distance between him and Rem. 
  • Right in the moment when Lye eats Rem's name and memories, we're shown 3 split-second shots of Subaru, Rem and their two children, Rigel and Spica, happily living in Kararagi. This is a reference to the non canon spinoff story titled Re:Zero IF and the chapter "Fragments" from the 9th volume.
  • Some scenes are entirely new that didn't appear in the light novel.
    • The entire scene where most of the army, both deceased and those who had their name and/or memories eaten by Lye Batenkaitos outside of Crusch's manor, was added.
    • Subaru desperately searches for Rem outside of the mansion, whereas in the light novel, Subaru was appointed to the room where Rem was brought into.
    • Subaru's death has been moved to outside of Crusch's manor instead of inside the room where the comatosed Rem is. Also, Subaru uses a broken dagger to commit suicide, whereas in the light novel, he uses a small knife. Subaru uses Return by Death only one time in this occasion, while in the light novel he killed himself at least one more time.
  • There was an added scene with Subaru talking with one of the doctors who was checking up the wounded.
  • The scene of Subaru and Puck explaining about Gluttony's authority was added. This wasn't mentioned nor appeared in the light novel; however, this scene does exist in the web novel.
  • Parts of the dialog during the conversation between Emilia's Camp and Crusch's Camp was omitted, such as an explanation of the Sleeping Beauty Condition or mentioning Anastasia's Camp during the conversation. Also, Felix is less hostile towards Subaru and Emilia in the anime, whereas in the light novel, he threatens Subaru and Emilia because of the situation Crusch is in, even his apology was changed from sarcastic to sincere.
  • Wilhelm and Subaru's conversation was omitted, and because of that, Wilhelm mentioning the scar that he got from Theresia was also omitted.