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The Next Location (次なる場所) is the twenty-seventh episode and the second episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Outside of Crusch's mansion, Subaru and Emilia are seen off by Crusch. Before they leave with Rem in one of the carriages, Ferris instructs Subaru to be careful navigating their way back home. Furthermore, she details that although the toxins in his gate have been cleansed, Subaru needs to get two months of rest when he gets home. It is because he's been overworking his gate when he fought against Sloth. This leads Subaru to believe that he's raised a flag of the sort. Ferris confirms it and Crusch gives some parting words to Emilia and Subaru. With that, with Otto taking the lead of the wagons, the group leaves the Crusch's mansion area.

As the sun rises over the horizon, Subaru and Emilia ride in the same carriage as Rem. They briefly talk about how Subaru always tends to sit next to her, at first, this annoyed Emilia. However, after getting used to it believes it'd be unnatural if he didn't. Hearing this revelation elates Subaru and Emilia believes that he's teasing her. The subject then changes to about Rem and Subaru's feelings for her. Sequentially the conversation is interrupted by an oblivious Otto, who thought they called him. A scene about Otto's presence and his desire to negotiate with Roswaal as his life depends on it. Subaru then ends the conversation there and Emilia reassures him that he'll find a way to restore Rem to her former self. Emilia also confesses that they're alike in the sense that they both act on selfish reasons. Hers is because of entering the Royal Selection, to which, she cannot elaborate on, but Subaru pays no mind to it. He believes they can talk it over when they regroup with Roswaal and figures that their master knows something about Rem's condition.

At their destination, it's revealed that no one is there and Ram is believed to have not returned from Sanctuary. Neither of them personally know where Sanctuary is, but to what Emilia knows, it's a place Roswaal considers a secret base. It's then decided that they should return to Roswaal's Mansion and when Subaru and Emilia with Rem do, they're greeted by Frederica. Inside the mansion, Fredrica explains that she was originally a maid there, but took a leave of absence for personal reasons. She then details that Ram summoned her back, but when she arrived the mansion was empty. A letter found in the master's room, elaborated on the situation. Furthermore, the kitchen and trees were in an awful state and Subaru deduces that due to Rem's condition, Ram was unable to keep up with the chores around the house. Curious as to know who Rem is, Subaru explains who Rem is to Fredrica. The conversation then changes to when will Roswaal return, but Frederica has no clue and suggests they ask Beatrice.

Subaru heads to the library and meets with Beatrice there. After a brief back and forth between the two, Subaru gets to the point and asks how Roswaal thinks. Beatrice admits she knows, but it has nothing to do with the situation at hand. So, Subaru then shows Beatrice a black book that he got from the leader of the enemies that once surrounded the mansion. She recognizes it as a “gospel”, a book belonging to the Witch Cult. When Beatrice asks what happened to the owner, Subaru answers that he killed him. Beatrice then laments over the loss of someone she called Geuse, but when pressed on whom that person is, she refuses to answer. She then brings up something about Sloth's Witch Factor, to which Subaru has no clue as to what that is. Therefore, Beatrice suggests that he go to Sanctuary as all of the answers he seeks will be found there and he can be lead there by Frederica. Once their business is settled with, Beatrice expels Subaru out of the library and causes him to slam into Otto.

In the living room, Frederica explains that Emilia told her a lot about Subaru, some of which made Emilia flustered. Sanctuary's location is then discussed and although Frederica will not accompany them, Otto will lead them there. Frederica then briefs them about Sanctuary and mentions that Garfiel is someone that she needs to be aware of.

On the day that the group leaves for Sanctuary, Subaru says goodbye to Rem and outside her room, he meets with Petra. Subaru entrusts Petra with taking care of Rem and they talk about her position as the newest maid in the mansion. Right before they leave, Frederica presents Emilia with a special necklace that'll allow them to get past the forest barrier. Petra also presents Subaru with a white handkerchief, which is an old custom for a prayer for safe travels. Subaru accepts it and has it tied around his left wrist. As the carriage heads off, Frederica notes that she followed everything that Roswaal instructed in his letter.

On route to Sanctuary, Emilia notes that she can't summon Puck and Subaru recalls the spirit asking him to look out for Emilia. Otto then notes that they’re approaching the Lost Forest of Kremaldy, where a barrier has been erected. Immediately, the necklace glows brightly and having a bad premonition. Subaru takes it off, causing Emilia to pass out. Disconcerted, Subaru tries to check on Emilia, but is then teleported somewhere in the forest.

Alone in the forest, Subaru is approached by a small girl. When Subaru chases after the girl, he’s lead out of the forest and to a large stone temple. Subaru heads inside the temple and is transported to a grassy field with a white-haired woman sitting by a table with an umbrella. The woman introduces herself as Echidna, the Witch of Greed.


Anime Differences[]

  • The flashforward with Subaru meeting Echidna was omitted from the start of the episode.
  • Anastasia's conversation and appearance were omitted.
  • Wilhelm's dialogue was omitted.
  • Crusch and Felix's conversation with Subaru and Emilia was shortened.
  • A conversation between Subaru and Frederica while moving Rem to her room was omitted.
  • Some parts of Subaru and Beatrice's conversation were omitted.
  • A short conversation between Otto and Subaru was omitted.
  • Petra didn't enter the room where Rem was, and because of that, Subaru and Petra's conversation about Rem was omitted.