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The Long-Awaited Reunion (待ちかねた再会) is the twenty-eighth episode and the third episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


At a grassy field, Subaru sees a white-haired woman sitting by a table with an umbrella. The woman introduces herself as Echidna, the Witch of Greed. Echidna reassures Subaru she means him no harm, however, due to her title he doesn't buy into it. Demanding to know where he is, Echidna vaguely answers his question and asks that he partake in her "Witch's Tea Party". In an exasperated manner, Subaru sits at the table and gulps down the tea that's there for him. Commenting on its bland taste, Subaru is told that it's Echidna's body fluid, which makes him snap and humor Echidna. The conversation takes a brash turn, so Echidna gets serious and changes the surrounding environment to a galaxy like setting. Echidna then inquires what Subaru wants to know, naming the Witches of Sin and their respective accomplishments. The environment then reverts back to normal as Echidna notes she has frightened Subaru. Just then a forceful impulse overwhelms Subaru and Echidna reveals that it's due to the tea he drank had the Witch Factor of Sloth used on it. She then asks again what he wants to know, but Subaru demands to know what she did to him. It's then disclosed that since Subaru defeated someone who possessed the Sloth Factor and because of it he was chosen as the new dwelling. That explains why Subaru managed to enter the tomb without any harm done to him. The place is called the Witch's Graveyard and it's where Echidna's soul is imprisoned, the Sanctuary. Astounded by this, Subaru asks if the area they're in is Sanctuary and Echidna confirms that the place he seeks is beyond the forest. In knowing this, Subaru asks to leave and flusters Echidna as many of whom saught her overwhelming knowledge on her worldly knowledge. He, however, is uninterested in such things. Dejected, Echidna allows Subaru to leave, but makes him vow not to speak of what transpired there and allows him to take the trial of Sanctuary.

Back inside the temple, Subaru exits it and sees Otto laying unconscious on the ground by his wagon. Immediately an unknown person lifts Subaru up, claims that he has some gall, and easily tosses him in the air. Thanks to the quick thinking of Patrasche, Subaru lands safely on the driver seat of the wagon. Regaining his composure, Subaru checks inside the wagon and sees that Emilia is alright. The man taunts Subaru for this action and after complimenting Patrasche, the earth dragon tackles the man only to be incapacitated by him. Right before the man was about to beat and toss Subaru out of the forest, but stops after Subaru mentions Frederica's name. The man then says his name is Garfiel and demands to know how they know his connection with her.

Afterward, the wagon now with Garfiel riding in on it heads to Sanctuary. En route to the destination, Subaru gets into a brief argument with Garfiel over Emilia's background. Awakening from her slumber, Emilia immediately is cautious with the appearance of Garfiel, but is informed by Subaru who he is. A discussion about the barrier that surrounds Sanctuary is then had and soon they arrive at their destination. In Garfiel's opinion, the place is nothing but a dilapidated mess with a congregation of half-wits. They're soon confronted by Ram who then chastises Subaru. Ram then welcomes Emilia and has Garfiel take care of the wagon, much to Otto's dismay. After a brief talk with Ram, Emilia and Subaru decided to go inside the house where Roswaal awaits them.

As dusk starts to settle, a bedridden and bandaged Roswaal greets Emilia and Subaru. Immediately, Subaru inquires him about his thoughts on Crusch and the alliance. Mainly if he's satisfied with the results from abandoning him and he answers that he's most pleased with the results. Emilia then inquires about Sanctuary and how its name doesn't reflect the environment. Roswaal then calls the place by its true name "Witch's Graveyard" and discloses a bit of its history. As to why Roswaal oversees the area is because it's the responsibility of the Mathers Family. Furthermore, he insists that the Witch of Greed be called by her birthname, Echidna, as her title makes her sound evil. The topic then changes as to Roswaal's condition and why he and Ram are in Sanctuary and not back at Roswaal Manor. To Emilia and Subaru's surprise, they're all under house arrest in Sanctuary. Garfiel then barges into the room and after a snide remark reveals that Roswaal got his injuries from being rejected from the trial. Also, when a mixed-blood passes through the barrier, they're unable to pass on through it again. The only way to break the barrier is to go through the Graveyard's Trial, however, anyone who is not of mixed blood ends up like Roswaal. With an ostentatious tone, Garfiel demands that Emilia take the trial and break the barrier. If she's unable to break it, then she and the villagers of Arlam Village will never be able to leave.

Reaching the chapel of Sanctuary, Subaru updates the villagers there of the situation at hand. He then informs them that Emilia will take the trial to break the barrier and Emilia then bows graciously asks for their support. Appearing from the crowd and details that the last time Emilia bowed to them they rejected her. If her aim is because of the Royal Selection, they're fine with that, however, if there's another reason then they'd like to know. Answering her question, Emilia speaks sincerely and from the heart, which convinces her and the chief and villagers accept it.

That night, Emilia stands in front of the temple where Echidna's soul is imprisoned and gathers support from her lesser spirits. Right after a boastful cheer from Subaru, the temple shines a brilliant light, and Emilia enters the temple to partake in the Graveyard Trial. However, moments after she enters, the light that surrounds the temple dissipates. Therefore, Subaru then rushes toward the temple, and once again it shines a brilliant light. Inside the temple, Subaru finds Emilia collapsed in a room and when he runs towards her a voice fills his head stating he must first face his past.

Awaking in a bed, Subaru finds himself in his old room and is greeted by his father.


Anime Differences[]

  • A large amount of Echidna and Subaru's dialogue during their conversation was omitted. And because of that, major plot points such as Echidna not knowing about the effects of modern Authorites and not being involved with the Witch Cult were omitted.
  • Otto's dialogue when he and Subaru first encountered Garfiel while they were fighting was omitted, however, the cut moment was mentioned in the Re:Zero Break-Time Season 2 Otto's Diary. Also, the dialogue of Garfiel's introduction was omitted.
  • Garfiel doesn't acknowledge himself as the strongest warrior in the world. Also, Garfiel's explanation that he uses his scent to track down Subaru was omitted.
  • In the light novel when Subaru and Emilia arrived, the Sanctuary was filled with both humans and demi-humans. However, in the anime, when Subaru and Emilia arrived, only half-humans appeared.
  • Ryuzu Blima does not appear and introduce herself mid-way through the reunion between Subaru, Emilia and Roswaal. Thus all her scenes do not happen here, and some of her lines have been given to Garfiel.
  • Ram, Otto, and Garfiel's conversation was omitted. Also, parts of Ram's dialogue were omitted and Garfiel having feelings for Ram was also omitted.
  • A severe amount of Roswaal's dialogue during his conversation with Subaru and Emilia was omitted, and because of that, the glintstones and Subaru's assumption that Frederica was plotting something was omitted.
  • Parts of Emilia, Ram, and Garfiel's moments and dialogue in the room with Roswaal was omitted.


  • During Subaru's conversation with Echidna, Echidna said that she injected "Envy Witch Genes" into Subaru. This was a translation error that was showcased in the Crunchyroll's translation department as she clearly said "Sloth", not "Envy". In reality, she was meant to say "Sloth Witch Genes".