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Parent and Child (親子) is the twenty-ninth episode and the fourth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru is held in an arm lock by his father Kenichi. He breaks out of it and counters with a leg lock, only to be caught in a reversal. Naoko, Subaru's mother then enters the scene noting her hunger for some breakfast. So the three enjoy breakfast in the dining room, whereas Subaru is served a large plate of peas. The plate of peas is passed around between the three of them until it's used for a large pile of rice pilaf. Once their breakfast is done, walks back to his room intending to sleep until noon, and as he does, he experiences acute pain in his head. Back in his room, Subaru notes that it's too late for him to attend school and experiences, acute pain once more. Barging into his room, Kenichi asks to have a heart to heart talk with Subaru outside.

Walking through a narrow path with beautiful cherry blossom trees parallel to the path. Soon the two, run into an old man and after he asks why they're walking together down the path, Subaru is hit with the acute pain again. Leaving abruptly, Subaru and Kenichi both rest on a bench by a playground and enjoy some beverages. When Kenichi asks if there's a girl Subaru likes, he hears a girl's voice in his head. Kenichi reiterates the question, but Subaru notes that he's really trying to ask why he skipped school that day. Admitting that was true, Kenichi notes that he believes his son has his reasons and that he personally doesn't believe school to be everything. Perplexed as to why he was disclosed such information as it was simply peas day, Kenichi tells Subaru that his face changed. While claiming nothing is different about him, the acute pain returns and he then sees a silhouette of Emilia basked in a bright light. Emilia thanks Subaru for saving her, but he has no recollection of who she is. After experiencing a flash of memories involving Emilia, Subaru remembers who she is. Subaru then tells his father that he feels better and there is a girl that he likes.

Divulging everything about how Subaru felt he was once "the best", he confesses as he grew up he no longer was that. Because of that, he partook in a series of crazy and sometimes vandalous acts to feel the thrill of being the best. However, because each act had to be better than the last it grew to be an arduous task and soon all of his "friends" left him. From there he had an epiphany that there was nothing really special about him. Furthermore, when Subaru ended up in high school he couldn't make any friends there, thus making him want to skip school altogether. Expecting to be disowned by his parents for his rebellious and self-centered nature, however, he never was. An apparition of Rem appears before Subaru telling him to not only not give up, but also confesses her feelings to him. Perhaps moved by his words, Kenichi gives Subaru a "headbutt" in the form of an ax kick to Subaru's head. Kenichi then chastises his son and is glad to hear that he has a girl that he's interested in. Receiving his father's approval makes Subaru emotional, as he'll never be able to make it up to him.

Afterward, the two go their separate ways to walk home. In his room again, Subaru dresses in his school uniform and goes to say goodbye to his mom. They get into a brief discussion over mayonnaise and they walk together to school, much to Subaru's chagrin. Naoko confesses that she's known a lot of Subaru's troubles. Repeating a comment that triggers Subaru's insecurities. She then reassures Subaru that all he needs to do is be as half as cool as his father and the other half himself and he'll be fine. They go their separate ways by the railroad tracks and Subaru says his goodbyes to his mom.

At his school classroom, Echidna dressed in a school uniform greets him.


Anime Differences[]

  • Subaru and Kenichi's dialogue with the neighbors and traveling through the neighborhood was omitted. Instead, they were reduced to one second of flash screen time. Also, some of Kenichi's swearing and flipping the finger was removed during Subaru's trial.
  • Subaru's interaction with the elder was shortened.
  • Some lines during Subaru & Kenichi's conversation are cut.
  • Naoko joking about burning Subaru's school clothes was omitted.
  • Subaru doesn't take the Mayo offered to him.