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Starting Life from Zero in Another World (ゼロから始まる異世界生活) is the third episode of the Re:Zero anime.


At the Stolen Goods Warehouse, Subaru was surprised that Satella was there, wondering if she had gotten there much faster only because he wasn't there. Satella demanded that Felt return her crest, however, Felt refused, prompting him to try and negotiate between them. At that moment Subaru saw Elsa about to attack, causing him to order Puck to protect her. Her attack blocked, Elsa fell back, commenting that she's interested in splitting a Spirit's stomach open as she hadn't done so before. After Subaru's speech, Puck created a large number of ice projectiles to attack her, which she blocked with her cloak. The two began fighting, each blocking the other's attack with their own weapon.

After a while, Elsa noticed that her foot had been frozen to the ground, with Puck telling her that he purposely placed his ice around to trap her. She dodged the attack by cutting her own skin off and later temporarily healed it with ice. She was disappointed that he was out of time but nonetheless continued to attack. At that point Rom decided to join the fight and began attacking her, though he was quickly defeated. Seeing that the battle wasn't going in their favor, Subaru ordered Felt to escape after saving her, telling her to run as far as she could. She was reluctant but listened to his words while he picked up Rom's club to join the fight. Even with him joining the fight continued in Elsa's favor, however, everyone was surprised when Reinhard joined the fight, intent on finishing it quickly.

Recognizing Elsa as the Bowel Hunter through her clothes, Reinhard recommended that she give up, to which she told him that she was going to refuse his offer. He suggested for her to give up after destroying one of her weapons, however, she still refused his offer, attacking him once again with her spares. As he watched the battle, Subaru wondered if Reinhard was being pressed, though Satella explained that it was because she was using Spirit Magic, adding that she wouldn't be able to keep healing Rom if Reinhard became serious. Satella soon finished healing Rom and ordered Subaru to notify Reinhard about it.

Seeing that they were finished, Reinhard finally became serious, using a van Astrea sword technique that destroyed a huge portion of the warehouse. To everyone's surprise, Elsa burst out from the rubble, intent on killing Satella, though she was blocked once again by Subaru. Knowing that she was at a disadvantage, Elsa retreated, telling everyone to treasure their bowels as she would one day cut them out. Later on, Subaru asked if Satella would tell him her name, learning that her name was actually Emilia. Reinhard was relieved that Subaru was okay but soon knew that he spoke too soon when he held up a destroyed club, with a slash wound appearing on Subaru's stomach moments later.

Once Subaru collapsed, Reinhard became curious about his and Emilia's relationship, asking her if she knew about him. Emilia answered that she had never seen him before but it was strange, and Reinhard added that Subaru had been looking for her. He offered to take Subaru off her hands though she told him that she would take him back to her home. She then went over to Felt, asking her if Rom was like family to her, to which she told her that he was the only one that took care of her. As she returned Emilia's crest, Reinhard noticed that the crest shone in her hands, causing him to grab her. Felt tried to resist but was quickly knocked unconscious by Reinhard, and he commented that it would probably be the last time that he could peacefully look at the moon.


Anime Differences[]

  • Subaru flipping the bird at Elsa was removed. Also, Subaru flipping the bird in the further episodes was removed completely.