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The Maiden's Gospel (少女の福音) is the thirty-first episode and the sixth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru awakens back in the temple in Sanctuary with Emilia after his encounter with Elsa back in Roswaal's Mansion. Afterward, in the house where Roswaal was resting at. Subaru, Emilia, Otto, Garfiel, Ram, and Ryuzu discuss the matters of the Graveyard Trial. The discussion takes a stark turn when Subaru offers to help Emilia with the Trial, whereas, the offer perturbs her. Mainly because it makes Emilia believe that Subaru has no faith in her. From there the discussion ends and outside, Ryuzu and Garfiel divulge to Subaru that Roswaal wants Emilia to pass the trial. As to why they follow his commands is because he's the overseer of the land and what he says goes. Frustrated by this revelation, Subaru regroups himself and focuses on the matters back in Roswaal's Mansion. He then requests Roswaal to allow the Irlam villagers to return home and mentions up Frederica's suspiciousness. Roswaal notes that if she is up to something, Subaru is incapable of defeating her.

The following day, Subaru with Ram rides on Patrasche back to Roswaal's Mansion, but they leave, Garfiel gives Ram his crystal necklace. Passing through the Sanctuary Forest, Ram asks the importance of the necklace that Garfiel gave him. Furthermore, she recounts a statement of Subaru using Ram as a decoy, which triggers some nebulous memories. In response to that, Subaru details that there's someone crucial to Ram, more so than Roswaal, a girl named Rem.

Arriving at the mansion, Subaru contemplates how he'll handle the situation there involving, Frederica and Ram and is then greeted by Petra. Upon seeing Petra, Subaru embraces tightly and compliments her. Ram then notes her disdain over Subaru's attitude and approves of Petra after she cordially greets and introduces herself to her senior maid. When asked about Frederica, Petra details that she's out patrolling the forest barrier. Therefore, Subaru and Ram go inside the mansion and stay with Rem until Frederica's return. Inside Rem's room, Ram asks to be alone with Rem, and Subaru acquiesce. The moment Subaru leaves Rem's room, he's approached and greeted by Frederica.

In the living room area, Frederica serves Subaru some tea and asks about the trial. Subaru answers it and then shows and asks Frederica about Garfiel's necklace. Surprised, Frederica takes the necklace and notes that it's Garfiel's. After confirming that it is, Subaru deduces that Frederica is Garfiel's older sibling, to which, she confirms. Wasting no more time, Subaru demands to know about the teleportation trap and if she's associated with the conservative party in Sanctuary. Perplexed by these accusations, Frederica has no clue as to what Subaru is implying and then Ram enters the room. She immediately chastises Frederica for her bad tea making skills and brings up the teleportation trap. Ram accuses Frederica of this and the reason as to why she's not revealing her motives behind it is because of the oath she took. Reluctantly she confesses that it and has no qualms against being brought to Sanctuary.

Before the conversation continues, Elsa appears with Petra being used as a hostage. Ram, Frederica, and Subaru retaliate and escape the mansion. In the process, however, long, thin, and a narrow dart hits Subaru's right back shoulder and Frederica takes some in her back. Much to Subaru's dismay, Ram suggests they abandon Rem and Beatrice, however, Frederica and Petra back Subaru noting they should rescue them. Stepping up to the plate, Frederica volunteers herself to rescue both Rem and Beatrice. After transforming into her full beast form and heads back into the mansion to face off against Elsa. Returning into the mansion themselves, Subaru, Ram, and Petra encounter a Mabeast. Acting as a decoy, Ram leads the Mabeast outside of the mansion. Unable to proceed forward due to the dart in his back shoulder, Petra pulls it out and covers the wounded area with a white cloth.

Just at the two were about to leave the room they were in the ceiling collapses. Awakening in a dazed state and unable to process what's going on, Subaru is called out by Ram who notes her precariousness. Before Subaru could collect his thoughts on the situation, he's launched back into the mansion. Dazed and wounded, Subaru then realizes that Petra's hand that he was holding onto was severed.

While walking down the hallway in the mansion, Subaru is confronted again by Elsa who tries to kill him, but he's rescued by Beatrice.


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