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Friend (ユージン) is the thirty-second episode and the seventh episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru tries, but is unable to exit the library as noted by Beatrice who then tries to heal him. However, Subaru stubbornly refuses to be healed by the likes of her as she could have saved the others in the mansion. Beatrice refutes the notion as she has no reason to save them, which triggers Subaru as he then chastises the spirit for what she's done. Aghast by the shrill words, Beatrice then stops Subaru from killing himself with a broken piece of glass causing him to faint on the floor. It's then he spots the Gospel book that once belonged to Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti. Right after grabbing the book, Beatrice holds it tightly to her chest and smiles. As she does this, Subaru demands why it's there, if it's the same book that the Witch Cult members use, and other questions too. However, Beatrice refuses to answer any of his questions as everything she does is within the Gospel's guidance. Disconcerted, Subaru then vehemently demands to know if all of her actions with him to that point have been inscribed in that book for her to follow. Snapping at Subaru, she confirms his notion as all she does is for her mother. Approaching the apprehensive, Beatrice slams the Gospel at Subaru's face making him fly backward. At that moment, Elsa enters the library and stabs Subaru in the chest as Beatrice watches in complete shock.

Once again, Subaru awakens next to Emilia in the temple where the Graveyard Trial is held. Noting that the restart point hasn't changed and that it's his third time dying. Emilia starts to mutter and Subaru consoles her and helps her out of the temple where Ram and Garfiel meet them. After this, Subaru reenacts everything that occurred thereafter to a certain point. Outside of the house where Roswaal was resting in, Subaru reflects on what he has to do next, when Otto approaches him. Otto notes that he's too calm, to which, Subaru thanks Otto as it proves that he can think rationally. Garfiel then approaches the two and once Otto leaves, he guides Subaru to a different location. En route toward the destination, the two talk about Garfiel's relation to Frederica. Arriving at the destination which is a vast and open grassy field Ryuzu greets him. They then discuss matters surrounding Frederica's statement about removing the barrier and the reason for Subaru's refusal to finish the Graveyard Trial himself. Furthermore, it's noted that Fredrica is an exception for being bound by the power of the barrier. This is due to the fact if a being isn't a pure 50/50 of Beastman/Human then they're not bound within the barrier. Chiming in, Garfiel reveals that Fredrica is his half-sister due to having a different father. Also to his disdain, Garfiel claims she abandoned Sanctuary as she hasn't returned in 10 years. Changing the subject, Subaru discloses that he's going to take the Graveyard Trial in Emilia's place. In light of this, Ryuzu has Garfiel restrain Subaru.

Regaining consciousness, Subaru finds himself, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, in a dark dismal place. Garfiel undoes Subaru's gag and blindfold and threatens to kill him after he tries to call for help. Slamming him against a wall, Garfiel states his presumption that Subaru is part of the Witch Cult due to the miasma emanating from him. After a brief interrogation, Garfiel re-gags and blindfolds Subaru and leaves him.

Back in Sanctuary, the villagers of Irlam Village, Emilia, Ram, Otto, and Garfiel search for the missing Subaru. Praying to Puck to come out, Garfiel takes Otto to a secluded place and threatens him to not talk about anything as he's onto him. To sweeten the deal for him, Garfiel offers him a valuable purple gem.

Meanwhile, Subaru recalls what Beatrice told him in the previous life where she stated she follows the will of the Gospel. Eventually, Otto arrives in the place where Subaru is being held. He unties, gives the parched Subaru a canister water to drink from, and informs him that 3 days have passed since he was last seen. It's also the time of the next time the Graveyard Trial is being held and since his disappearance, a search party for him was formed. Also, Emilia has been distraught over Subaru's disappearance, but because of the Margrave's reassurance. Emilia has attempted the trial again and again, but failed each time leaving her despondent. Otto also discloses that he's on the run from Garfiel as he rejected his offer. When asked why Otto was doing such a dangerous and foolhardy thing for him. Subaru learns that Otto considers him his friend, however, this leaves him perplexed as he believed he heard Otto say "Eugene" instead of "friend". Confessing that the reason he's there is not only that he's Subaru's friend, but it served his interests too. Once Otto finishes his reason for being there, Subaru bursts out laughing much to Otto's chagrin. Finished with his laugh, Subaru thanks Otto for rescuing him.

Outside of the place of Subaru's confinement, the two regroup with Ram and Garfiel finds out that Subaru has escaped.


Anime Differences[]

  • Subaru attempts to kill himself with a broken tea shard instead of a wooden chair that he breaks from the light novel.
  • The search party & Garfiel bribing Otto is shown instead of being recounted by Otto by the time he rescues Subaru.