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The Value of Life (命の価値) is the thirty-third episode and the eighth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru and Otto meet up with Ram, who informs the two that Roswaal ordered her to help them. Ram states that Garfiel cannot leave the Graveyard, not while Emilia is taking the trial. On the other hand, Subaru plans to settle his score with Garfiel.

Later Subaru confronts Roswaal over his assumption of leaving Sanctuary and bluntly asks if Beatrice is part of the Witch Cult. This is because he saw Beatrice with a Gospel of her own. Roswaal downplays the assumption, as Subaru's pitch was rather tepid due to his emotions. However, he claims that Beatrice isn't part of the Witch Cult and that the Gospel he was really a Tome of Knowledge. Even though Beatrice calls it a "Gospel" it's because it lacks a name of its own. Since the last statement to give Beatrice was insufficient. Roswaal tells Subaru to tell Beatrice, "I am that person" and in doing so that will make her his ally. Although Subaru is wary of Roswaal's claim, he reassures him that due to Beatrice's contract she'll follow it. With resentment in his voice, Subaru claims he'll punch Roswaal if his claim with Beatrice fails and Roswaal accepts the punishment. Before leaving, Subaru asks Roswaal if he's really their enemy and he denies the statement.

Regrouping with Otto and Ram, Subaru plans with them to first go to the mansion. A problem, however, due to them only having to use Patrasche they'll have trouble going there with only three people. This is mainly due to a wagon being far too conspicuous. Soon, a livid Garfiel confronts the group and he's privy to most of their plan. Even after Ram explains their plan fully to Garfiel, he has no plans of letting them escape. He even gave the idiom of "Hoshin was Banan's sunset" which depicts the trader Hoshin bringing a small nation to ruin. In other words, it's a statement to either, surrender or face an all-out attack. With no chance of reasoning with Garfiel, Subaru escapes with Otto, while Ram holds off Garfiel.

As Subaru and Otto flee Sanctuary, Otto calls upon help from the Irlam Villagers to help guide their way. Eventually, though, a fully transformed Garfiel catches up to the two and as Subaru surrenders to the fearsome beast. Garfiel tries to kill Subaru with his claw and Otto takes the hit being bisected in the process. Continuing his rampage, Garfiel kills the surrounding villagers as they attack him to give Subaru a chance to escape. This and Patrasche martyrs herself to save Subaru who awakens in his prison cell. To his astonishment, Subaru sees that it's now winter and that everyone in Sanctuary is gone. Soon he encounters a swarm of horned bunnies that devour him alive.

Awakening back in the temple just after completing the first Graveyard trial. Distraught over what he had experienced, Echidna invites Subaru to another tea party. In her domain, Echidna calmly states that she doesn't often invite people twice to her parties. Noting his uncanny calmness, Echidna tells him that it's due to the Sloth factor he inherited and that she stabilized. Echidna then asks for a compliment of gratitude from Subaru, but he asks about a way to overwrite the vow she imposed on him. His way of coercion makes Echidna agree to his making Subaru elated. Still wanting to hear words of gratitude, Subaru then confesses that he resets the world when he dies. To this Echidna tries to calm down Subaru who has a meltdown over the fact and laments how he's never told a soul about this to anyone. Echidna then reveals that she's been watching it all and asks him to disclose everything to her as she's the Witch of Greed and wants to know everything about it.


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