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Love Love Love Love Love Love You (らぶらぶらぶらぶらぶらぶゆー) is the thirty-fourth episode and the ninth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru enjoying another tea party with Echidna, notes her disdain for the person who subjected him through such torment. When Subaru asks if there's a limit to how many times he can use the death reset ability of his. Echidna gives an extrapolated answer that there isn't a limit whatsoever to said ability. Apparently, its power is based on the witch's intense "delusion", therefore so long as said delusions persist so will the death resets. As to why he was given such power is to be able to rectify past mistakes. Hearing this makes Subaru lament over the fact that he lost Rem, however, Echidna notes that she wasn't part of the "destiny". This is due to the fact that anyone, but he is part of the "plan". It's the Witch's motive to allow Subaru to succeed in his destiny without error. But at the cost of that, if he decides to save a person with that power, Subaru would be burdened with countless challenges. Furthermore, the changes he makes could cost countless lives to be lost. Although unnerved, Subaru is resolved to use the death reset ability to the fullest capacity. A bit surprised by how fast and well Subaru bounced back from his dour disposition, he thanks Echidna for her advice.

The topic then changes to about the "Great Rabbits" that devoured him on his last death experience. Great Rabbits are one of the three great Mabeasts, the other two being the White Whale and Black Serpent. In particular, the Great Rabbits were created by the Witch of Gluttony Daphne. Notably, a White Whale is stronger, however, Great Rabbits are far more difficult to destroy. A brief elaboration on the Great Rabbits is then given by Echidna. It makes Subaru realize what happened to the inhabitants of Sanctuary while he was unconscious. More information is elaborated on the Great Rabbits by Echidna like how to be able to kill them. To that matter, Subaru contemplates a way to defeat the Great Rabbits and Elsa at Roswaal's Mansion. A way to talk with Daphne is suggested by Echidna, however, she dissuades him of that sentiment. As there's no "death" in the dimension they're in, if his mind breaks then the effects will cross over when he exits the dimension. Nonetheless, Subaru's resolve is firm and he decides to talk with Daphne. So before Echidna summons Daphne, she advises him on three things and proceeds to summon the Witch.

Appearing before Subaru is a little girl who is elated to see Subaru and after asking to assumingly shake his hand, she tears off his arm. Doing this to Subaru shows that he is without sin as he felt no pain when she did it. The little girl then proceeds to shatter Subaru into pieces after he tries to retrieve his arm. It reveals that even though he's without sin, he believes that he is. Before leaving, the little girl gives her name Typhon and allows the next witch to appear.

Making an ostentatious appearance, a young girl using her fists repairs the broken Subaru back to normal. When asked why she's crying, the girl notes that she's not, only that Typhoon's actions upset her. Thanking her for restoring him, Subaru asks for her name, to which, she says its Minerva and some contrary statements as well.

Finally, Daphne appears encased in an iron maid like contraption on legs. Daphne notes that she doesn't want her time to be wasted. Moments into their meeting, however, she notes the toxic smell from Subaru makes her want to devour him. Not wanting to waste any time, Subaru asks Daphne of a way to beat the Great Mabeasts and why she created them. Daphne's answer to those questions seems counter-intuitive as the size and number of the respective White Whale and Great Rabbit could feed many people. As to why they also eat people is because the embracement of Gluttony is to devour until you're satisfied. To that point, it keeps people's desires alive, which, in turn, keeps them alive and satisfied. Finally getting to the matter of how to defeat the Great Rabbits, Daphne informs Subaru that the creatures are drawn to large mana gatherings. Therefore, it'd be best to use a person with such an abundance of mana to act as bait to wipe them all out simultaneously. And although they're separate in body, they share a single consciousness. Finished with their business, Subaru proclaims that he'll beat the Great Rabbits as he already has beaten the White Whale. Triggered, Daphne taunts Subaru to go ahead and try. With those words said, Echidna reappears along with her table.

Subaru and Echidna then discuss matters involving his brief encounters with Typhon and Minerva, and then finally Daphne. But the conversation is cut short due to him reawakening back in the real world. Even though the cause of this could be Emilia, it's perplexing as Echidna is the arbiter of the trial. On the other hand, Echidna has no care for the result as Emilia is far too emotionally unfit to complete the trial, but Subaru may be able to do it himself. Or even perhaps, be the catalyst that grants Emilia the wings to pass the trial. When Subaru asked if he can visit her again to ask for advice. Echidna answers that all Subaru has to do is call out to her and after each sequential time call out to her louder than before. There's also the Graveyard trial that he can see her in. For payment for her services, Subaru gives Echidna the white handkerchief that Petra to her. To reassure Subaru, she details that the handkerchief will still be with him when he returns to reality. As to why she chose it, is because of the sentimental importance it holds. Right before Subaru leaves, Echidna notes that there's something she'd like to tell him when he returns for the third time.

Back in the real world, Subaru finds the surrounding area outside of the temple is surrounded by dark shadows. From the shadows, a cloaked woman appears and tries to embrace Subaru, while chanting "I Love you". Garfiel comes out of nowhere and rescues Subaru and takes him to one of the rooftops in Sanctuary. It's then revealed that the cloaked woman was the Witch of Envy, who then starts heading toward Roswaal's Mansion.

While being engulfed by the shadows, Roswaal wishes Subaru the best of luck while holding a black book of his own.


Anime Differences[]

  • The conversation with Echidna was considerably streamlined.
  • The introduction of Typhon and Minerva was streamlined.
  • Echidna's brief appearance right before Daphne's appearance was entirely cut.