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I Know Hell (地獄なら知っている) is the thirty-fifth episode and the tenth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Rushing through Sanctuary's Forest with the Witch of Envy hot on their trail, Subaru and Garfiel run toward Roswaal's Mansion. They stop midway as Garfiel tells Subaru that the Witch of Envy's Shadow had already engulfed Ram and everyone else in the village. Left aghast by the revelation, a large number of Ryuzu copies approach them. Garfiel intends to use them as a way to overpower the incoming Witch of Envy.

The Witch of Envy then appears before the two and Garfiel tries to fight her in his beast form, but is quickly restrained by her shadow. Sequentially, Garfiel and the Ryuzu copies are killed, and after Subaru lashes out at the Witch of Envy, she engulfs him in her shadow. Inside the shadow, Subaru is tormented by various memories of his time in Sanctuary, and the words, "I Love You" is chanted endlessly. To save himself, Subaru kills himself, what causes that the Witch of Envy switches to Satella and making her cry. When Subaru at his dying moments takes off her cloak, he sees how she looks like Emilia and he vows to save her.

Reawakening in the temple with Emilia by his side, Subaru is notably unnerved, due to his encounter with Satella. Emilia then awakens and consoles the distraught Subaru.

Outside of the temple, Emilia and Subaru inform, Garfiel, Ram, and Otto of the situation. Garfiel is notably amicable with Subaru showing no signs of hostility. From there everything progressed exactly as it did in previous times right up until Subaru has Ram hold Garfiel off for him while he does something.

To confirm one of the memories he received while under the influence of Satella's Shadow. Subaru heads back to the temple where he first saw a Ryuzu copy and using his jewel unlocks the door there revealing the crystallized body of the real Ryuzu. He's then approached by two copies and Subaru requests their help, to which, they agree to as he's the Apostle of Greed.

At a house in Sanctuary, Subaru discusses with the vocal copy of Ryuzu about the creation of Sanctuary. As it turns out, it was an experimental facility created by Echidna to fulfill her dream. The thing Echidna was experimenting with was Ryuzu's original body. Ryuzu then elaborates on the process and purpose of a copy. Learning this, Subaru believes that like the Ryuzu copies whose souls' inherit a new body when their's perish, is like Subaru's reset immortality. However, Echidna's experiment was a failure and she died in the process. The vocal copy then elaborates on how it's one of the original 4 clones from 400 years ago. Changing the subject, Subaru inquires the meaning behind being the Apostal of Greed. It's then learned that since Subaru drank Echidna's tea twice, he thereby has the power to command the clones. Then recalling that Garfiel could command the clones too, Subaru asks if he took the trial as well, to which, Ryuzu confirms that notion.

Just outside the house, Subaru talks with Ryuzu about her surname not being Meyer, but Bilma. Ryuzu answers that it's one of the ways for the copies to express individuality with each other. She also asks him to ask her that question again in the future.

While walking back into the town, Subaru runs into Emilia and they discuss her anxiety about the Graveyard Trial. In an act of consolement, he reassures Emilia that she'll be fine as he's there for her.

Eventually, Subaru makes it to the church where he and Otto briefly talk. The following morning, Subaru leaves a note for Emilia informing her that he plans on returning to Roswaal's Mansion. Riding off on Patrasche to the mansion, he's confronted by Garfiel on the way. The confrontation becomes abrasive when Garfiel gets physical with Subaru, because of his suspicions of him. In the end, however, after a contentious debate with Garfiel, Subaru heads to the mansion.

Finally, at the mansion, Subaru meets up with Frederica and Petra. Wasting no time after he meets the two, Subaru goes to the library and meets with Beatrice.


Anime Differences[]

  • The original Ryuzu Meyer can be seen completely naked in the anime, as opposed to the LN, where she's wearing a simple one-piece dress.
  • Ryuzu mentioning the "failed experiment" to Subaru during the conversation was omitted.
  • The small foreshadowing about the Soul Transference ritual was omitted,
  • Subaru explaining the handkerchief to Petra was told outside of the mansion with Fredrica instead of inside when it's just Subaru and Petra alone.
  • Frederica's reason for leaving the Sanctuary are cut during her conversation with Subaru.