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The Taste of Death (死の味) is the thirty-sixth episode and the eleventh episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Frederica drives Rem and Petra on a wagon pulled by Patrasche, while Subaru meets with Beatrice in the library. Subaru then argues with Beatrice about the Gospel which divulges her future and learns that it's stopped telling her the future for some time now. After listening to Beatrice about her being in the library, Subaru deduces that she's a spirit contracted to Echidna. Alluding that it's true, Beatrice says that Echidna once told her that "One day that person will arrive". This made her become bitter and restless waiting for someone whom she never knew would come and end her contract. Not caring that if it was him that would do it for her, she only wishes for it to end. Hearing this leads Subaru to believe that Beatrice wants to die, however, she wants to be emancipated from her contract. Perturbed by the confession, Subaru snaps at Beatrice for wanting to die. On the other hand, Beatrice calls the declaration selfish for she's been bound to the library for 400 years. Furthermore, after feeling betrayed every time someone enters the library and how the written future of her Gospel is now blank, she believes that her future has ended. Flustered, Subaru proclaims he'd help Beatrice and she asks for him to kill her to end her 400 years long-suffering. An alternative to that is Subaru could do is overwrite her contract, but she believes that's impossible for her. Therefore, he can just kill her and get it finally over with.

Just then Elsa infiltrates the library and reveals how she was able to accomplish that. Also, she reveals a bit about her targets in the Irlam Village and then resolves herself to kill Subaru and Beatrice. Beatrice casts shamac as Subaru tries to, allowing them to escape and revealing that Beatrice is a shadow magic user. As they head to the village they are confronted by Meili Portroute, an accomplice to Elsa and a Mabeast user. Subaru recognizes her as the purple-haired village child that he 'saved' from the mabeasts. When asked about Rem, Meili has no clue about who she is, but confirms that she killed Frederica and Petra. Elsa then arrives at the scene and is seemingly killed by Beatrice with her magic. However, Elsa is still alive and kills Beatrice while her guard is down, leaving Subaru horrified and distraught. Elsa then stabs Subaru's left eye and with the last of her energy Beatrice teleports him back to the cell where Garfiel once keep him in in the previous life.

Outside of the place, it is winter and Subaru regroups with Emilia in the Graveyard Trial temple. Her mental state appears broken, and she reveals she had been waiting for Subaru. Her face is manic as she tells Subaru she loves him. Leaving the temple, Subaru is met by the Ryuzu Meyer (copy) and Garfiel. He relays what Emilia said to him which aggravates Garfiel, who demands for her to stop the snow has transpired. Subaru states that she cannot do that, suggesting it is the work of Roswaal. The two confront Roswaal in his room alongside Ram, and Subaru immediately asks if he's the one responsible for the snow in Sanctuary. Roswaal confirms it, which infuriates Garfiel as he then tries to accost Roswaal. Ram steps in his way to defend her master and Roswaal impales her and Garfiel with his arm. With Ram dying from her wound, Garfiel tries to heal her while transforming, but Roswaal intervenes by kicking his head off, killing him.

Subaru and Roswaal discuss their current situation, and Roswaal suggests that he's privy to Subaru's Reset ability. Roswaal reveals he has his own Gospel, and how he knows Beatrice's wish to die came true. Although Roswaal cannot speak his motives due to his vow, he can detail his hopes to achieve his dream. He also reveals that he caused the snow in the village to have Emilia ostracized by the villagers, forcing her to cling to Subaru. Finally, due to a discrepancy in what's written in his Gospel, Roswaal doesn't kill Subaru, but beats him up. The swarm of Great Rabbits arrives in Sanctuary and then Roswaal tosses Subaru outside through the window in his room. Confronted now by the swarm of Mabeasts, Subaru tries to propose an alliance with Roswaal, however, he declines because the version of him that stands before Subaru will die and another will take his place in Subaru's next reset. Roswaal is then devoured by the Great Rabbits and they encircle Subaru greatly damaging him. The episode ends with a bloody Subaru returning to Emilia in the Graveyard Trial Temple, where she eagerly offers her lap to him and kisses him as the screen cuts to black.


Anime Differences[]

  • In the anime, Elsa simply stabs Subaru in his left eye while in the Light Novel, she slowly gouges it out of his head.
  • Subaru does not run into Garf before heading into the tomb so parts of that conversation are cut & moved to their 2nd encounter outside of the Tomb.
  • In the anime, when Subaru walks out of the Tomb, he is greeted by an angry Garfiel and Ryuzu. In the Light Novel, however, Ryuzu was not present. Instead, Garfiel was the only one who was waiting for him. 
  • The anime skipped over Subaru calling forth the Ryuzu clones in order to protect himself from the Oousagi and safely reach Emilia in the Tomb.
  • The scene with the villagers committing mass suicide by burning themselves along with the Sanctuary's Town Hall in order to escape the Oousagi attack was completely cut.