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The Witches' Tea Party (魔女たちの茶会) is the thirty-seventh episode and the twelfth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Again, Subaru awakens in the Graveyard Trial Temple with Emilia by his side. With adamant resolve, Subaru vows to save Emilia, Sanctuary, and Roswaal's Mansion.

Amid the same scenario that occurs after the trial in Roswaal's home; Subaru reflects on Roswaal was privy to his resets, mainly due to his own Tome of Wisdom.

Returning to the Graveyard Trial Temple, Subaru beckons Echidna and passes out. A flashback showing Subaru after he kills himself plays out involving Emilia, Ferris, and Wilhelm. Another one then plays involving Emilia, Ferris, and Julius standing by Subaru's dead body. These flashbacks that play out have a horrifying effect on Subaru as he's terrified to process what he's witnessed. More flashbacks play out involving what occurs after his death and the people involved.

Once they're over with, Rem appears before Subaru and he confines his guilt to her. In turn, Rem consoles the vexed and morose Subaru. However, Subaru calls out Rem for being fake as how she normally acts toward him is dramatically different than how she is at the present. It turns out the person that had Rem's appearance was a young and timid girl by the name of Carmilla, the Witch of Lust. She reveals her ability and that Echidna told her to dote on him. Right as Subaru was going to confront Carmilla, his chest starts to cave in, and is transported to Echidna's room. She details that had Subaru confronted Carmilla, he'd forget how to breathe.

After explaining why she had Carmilla meet with Subaru, he sits at the table and explains about the second trial. It's said that all of what Subaru had witnessed could have possibly occurred in a separate reality, which happened after his death reset. It's then that Echidna offers Subaru a contract with her. The pros of this contract would be Echidna can help him in tight spots with her vast knowledge. Just as the two were going to commence the contract process, Minerva intervenes. She voices her disdain with the contract and that it's not a necessary body-switch for her to appear. Minerva also points out that Echidna didn't disclose the cons of the contract to him. Amused, Echidna reveals that she simply wishes to taste everything that there is to Subaru. Carmilla also appears and tries to dissuade Subaru from forming a contract with Echidna, but she tries to coax him to do so nonetheless. The witch of Sloth Sekhmet then appears as does Typhon and Daphne all giving their own comments and opinions. Echidna then goes on a tirade about the perks about her contract and how it'll be a quid pro quo for her, which Subaru calls her immensely shallow for.

Before they continue talking about the contract, Subaru asks if Echidna knows Beatrice and if she's the contract holder, to which, she confirms. Subaru then asks who "that person" is, however, she does not know as she wanted Beatrice to choose who that person is. Therefore, Subaru rejects Echidna's offer and at that moment, Satella arrives.


Anime Differences[]

  • Because Subaru's death was changed to the outside of the mansion, the scenes of Subaru's flashback of after of his deaths were changed and some scenes were altered during the flashbacks.
    • Wilhelm and Felix attempt to heal Subaru from his stab wound, but he was already dead by the time they got there. This scene never happened in the light novel.
    • Extra scenes and dialogue where Rem killed Subaru and she and Emilia had a quarrel were omitted.
  • The aftermath of Reinhard destroying the world was omitted. 
  • Although briefly, new scenes from the second trial were added.
    • The aftermath of Elsa slaughtering Emilia and Subaru was added.
    • The aftermath of Subaru's first death from the second arc was added.
    • The aftermath of the hallway massacre in arc two was added.
    • A new scene with Kadomon Risch finding Subaru's dead body in the 3rd loop of arc one was added.
    • Flashbacks to several lost loops were added.