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The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry (泣きたくなる音) is the thirty-eighth episode and the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime, and end of the first part of Season 2.


Satella invades Echidna's room and refuses to answer Subaru's question of her obsession with him. Therefore, Subaru rejects any help from Echidna or any of the other Witches of Sin. Provoked, Minerva rebukes Subaru's statement for his inconsideration on how everyone else feels, especially his ungratefulness toward Satella. On the other hand, Subaru feels as though he's suffered greatly because of Satella's gratitude. In her response, Satella calmly states that Subaru must love himself more in order to overcome his grievance. Subaru argues against from his experiences with the reset ability given to him by her and how his recent loss of Rem has effected him the most. He then breaks into tears and Sekhmet rebukes him for acting like a child and Typhon tries to console him asking who made him cry while exuding a potent aura. Approaching Subaru, Satella tries to embrace Subaru, but he retaliates by biting his tongue. A furious Minerva tries to attack Subaru, but Typhon blocks the attack shattering Minerva's right arm, still Minerva tries to push forward, but is stopped by Sekhmet.

As Subaru's consciousness fades, he hears voices from his past and he awakens after Minerva headbutts him. Asking her what he can do when all he does is die and repeat everything. On her knees, Satella states that Subaru once saved her and that it's her wish for him to be saved. While Subaru was out, Daphne, Sekhmet, and Typhon had a skirmish with each other and Carmilla even called out to him. Echidna then states that Sekhmet and Typhon respect Subaru's wishes, while Minerva healed him, Daphne prolonged his life, and Carmilla made him aware of the love that he didn't see. Getting off the ground and stating his perplexion by the Witches motives and once again Echidna offers her help to Subaru. However, Subaru rejects it feeling he'll find his own path and Echidna states that it'd be a thorny path he'll walk, but still respects his decision. She also details some information on Garfiel and after Subaru gives thanks to the Witches, he takes Satella's hand as their surroundings fade out. Her last words to Subaru are that Satella wishes for him to kill her, but Subaru vows to save her.

Awakening outside of the Graveyard temple, Subaru is met by Patrasche and Otto. As told by Otto; Patrasche carried Subaru out of the Graveyard Temple and when conveyed to Otto for translation, refuses to detail as to why. Taking it for what it's worth, Subaru thanks Patrasche and then tries to enter the temple again only to be rejected entry. It's believed that Echidna is behind the rejected entry and requests that Patrasche be taken back to the carriage by Otto who acquiesces. Eventually, Subaru meets with Roswaal and asks him if there's a way to leave Sanctuary without going through the Graveyard. This starts a conversation on Subaru's motives on why he wants to go through with his request. During it, Roswaal details that he had hoped that Subaru had enough resolve to go against Emilia's will. Roswaal then pulls out his book and reveals that not only are there problems in Sanctuary, but also his mansion as well. Said problems at that place were orchestrated by he himself, which disconcerts Subaru, and Roswaal then reveals that it was his intention to force him to make one of two choices. Either help Emilia or save the people in his Mansion. In light of this, Subaru prostates himself to Roswaal and begs him to recall the assassins as he's failed to continue the trial, however, he refuses. Apparently him saving the people in the mansion would be a perfect way to redeem himself to be able to take the trial once again. Believing that Subaru is his only hope. Mentally cornered and panic stricken, Subaru denounces that he'll never be like Roswaal, and then flees into the forest.

Collapsing in the middle of the forest, Subaru thinks aloud what he can do, until he's approached by Otto who informs him that it's morning. Perspective of Subaru's mental condition, Otto offers to help him and has him take a deep breath, but then punches him in the face and proclaims to not always be so tough.


Anime Differences[]

  • Daphne mentioning that Subaru is a Sage Candidate was omitted.
  • The part where the Witches explain that Satella and the Witch of Envy are two separate personalities was omitted.
  • Minerva suffered significantly less damage when fighting Typhon in the anime, compared to their LN fight. Her healing herself by punching herself was also omitted.
  • Satella's explanation of why she loves Subaru so much, has been greatly shortened.
  • Instead of getting chained and locked up in the Centipede Coffin, Typhon is just pinned down by her legs.
  • Satella's dialogue before Subaru returns to the Sanctuary was shortened.
  • Otto's scene with Subaru and Patrasche was greatly shortened. Instead of Subaru asking Otto to translate Patrasche's words, Otto translated them without being asked to do so.
  • Subaru's dialogue with Emilia after his talk with Roswaal was completely omitted.
  • Ram's small scene after Subaru & Roswaal's conversation was omitted