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This page is about the anime episode. For the song, see STRAIGHT BET.

STRAIGHT BET is the thirty-ninth episode and the fourteenth episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime, and start of the second part of Season 2.


The episode picks up where Episode 38 left off with Otto confronting Subaru. Otto gets angry at Subaru for always putting on a "tough front" around his friends. The two have a slight physical altercation where Otto knocks Subaru to the floor and tells him that it's okay to put on a "tough front" for the girl that he loves (Emilia) and the girl that loves him (Rem), but not his friends. Otto tells Subaru that he should rely more on his friends, and mentions that Subaru has never once asked for his help. Otto then tells Subaru to open up to him because he's his friend and says that he will believe Subaru as long as he tells him to. Subaru then finally opens up to Otto, appreciating him as a beloved friend.

Subaru then confronts Roswaal who is still covered in bandages in bed and confidently exclaims "Let's make a bet". Roswaal acts surprised to see Subaru, as Subaru proclaims that he will do whatever it takes to save both the sanctuary and the mansion in his current loop. He looks back over his previous failures and details the contents of the "bet". If he manages to save both the mansion and Sanctuary then Roswaal will throw away the book given to him by the Witch of Greed and help Subaru in his quest to make Emilia the ruler of the Kingdom of Lugnica. Roswaal calls this proposal "greedy", and Subaru smirks while thinking back to his talks with Echidna in prior episodes. Roswaal looks at Subaru in disbelief and does not believe it to be possible for Subaru to help Emilia free Sanctuary and protect the mansion against the assassins. Roswaal then smirks, accepting the bet and fully expecting Subaru to fail.

Subaru meets with Ram outside, and they talk as Ram scolds Subaru, asking if he is putting his faith in Emilia; to which he obviously replies with "yes". Ram goes back inside the house as Subaru notices that Ram actually gave him advice as he meets back up with Otto, who is very unconvincingly pretending to be a tree. Otto asks Subaru if Ram's affiliation with Roswaal makes them enemies, to which Subaru acts confused and Otto notes on how deeply Subaru must trust Ram. Subaru tells Otto that the bet is officially on, and then they both realise the next problem at hand: Garfiel. Otto says that he will continue with his part of their plan and asks what Subaru plans to do about Emilia, which is one thing that Subaru cannot rely on Otto for help with - as Subaru does not understand why she is upset by the graveyard trial. Otto reassures Subaru and the two do a fistbump.

Subaru then walks into a strangely-lit location and confronts Ryuzu, who notes that Subaru is talking as if he knows her very well. He informs her of the "huge face-off" that he is currently having with Roswaal while asking for her help. Subaru has come here to simply talk to her and inform her of his plan to liberate Sanctuary, all while assuming Ryuzu is against liberating Sanctuary—which Ryuzu contradicts, much to Subaru's confusion. Ryuzu asks Subaru about Garfiel, and he tells her that he believes a clash with him cannot be avoided, but he wants to be friends with Garfiel after it's all over anyway. The two then talk about Ryuzu's creation. Subaru asks for Ryuzu's name and realises that he has been talking to different copies of Ryuzu throughout his different timelines in Sanctuary, which Ryuzu further helps to clarify. The two then talk about Ryuzu Shima who was an exception to the first four copies, who violated her contract by entering the graveyard in the past to bring back Garfiel. Ryuzu asks if Subaru is aware of Garfiel's family situation to which Subaru brings up Frederica. He flashbacks to his prior conversation with her, and the two then speculate about Garfiel's relationship with his mother.

Subaru then returns to the village and enters Emilia's room, only to find her under the covers, sitting on the floor. The two share some idle conversation before he asks if she would be willing to tell him what she saw during the graveyard trial. Subaru tells Emilia they should share the emotional burden together. Emilia is surprised by the faith that Subaru has in her and tells him that she was once frozen in ice for a long time, until she was found by Puck. Her memories are still very hazy, and she tells Subaru that her direct family were not with her in the forest but there was someone who was like a mother to her; she reveals that all of the people living in the forest suffered the same fate as her and were frozen in ice. At some point, Emilia met Roswaal, who offered to potentially save everyone who was trapped in ice, as long as she participates in the Royal Selection. She then falls asleep on Subaru, and he gently lays her on the bed and attempts to confront Puck.

Puck tells Subaru that he has always been inside of Emilia and didn't "run off". Emilia then gets brief flashbacks in her sleep of her younger self and her "motherly figure". Puck appears before Emilia and the two catch up a little until Puck informs her that he has been trying to break their contract, without explaining to her as to why, which Puck then does. He explains that once he is gone, the seal on her memories will be broken and she will be able to confront her past, and with that sad note Puck disappears — leaving Emilia upset and breaking the crystal around her neck.

Garfiel and Ryuzu Shima have a brief conversation about Subaru and Emilia before it cuts back to Subaru by Emilia's bedside, showing obvious concern for her. Subaru offers if there is anything that he can do for her, to which she calmly asks if he could hold her hand while she sleeps. He agrees and Emilia drifts back to sleep, greeted by more flashbacks of her past and her "motherly figure". Emilia then wakes up and addresses her as Fortuna, and seeing Subaru isn't by her side in her sleep anymore, she calls Fortuna, Puck and Subaru liars, feeling abandoned by them.

The next day, the villagers of Irlam are shown searching for Emilia who has gone missing. Ram and Garfiel hold a brief exchange and Garfiel states that he will help to look for her. Garfiel returns to look for Ryuzu Shima and finds her also missing. Garfiel then sprints with visible annoyance to the room where Subaru had previously confronted Ryuzu. To his surprise, Otto greets him, and states that he is playing his small part in Subaru's plan. Finally, Emilia is shown sitting alone in the graveyard until Subaru finds her, saying to her, "let's talk, Emilia-tan".


Anime Differences[]

  • The scene where Subaru reveals Roswaal's plans for the mansion to Otto is omitted.
  • Subaru's conversation with Emilia in her bed is shortened.
  • In the Light Novel, Garfiel learns of Emilia's disappearance from Subaru. In the anime he learns this from Ram.
  • Some lines when Subaru & Otto were discussing the next steps of their plan after the bet are omitted.