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The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family (ロズワール邸の団欒) is the fourth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


At the Roswaal Mansion, Subaru woke up in a bed, knowing that Emilia was the one that saved him but wondered where he was. Exiting the room, he tried walking down the corridor only for it to seemingly loop on him, causing him to try the first door he saw, walking into Beatrice's library. After talking with her for a little bit, she sucked some mana from his body, causing him to lose consciousness.

Later, Subaru woke up in bed and decided to go back to sleep for the third time once he noticed that he had woken up in the morning. Looking over at the source of the voices he was hearing, he saw two maids (Ram and Rem), prompting him to become excited when he realized that maids existed in the universe he was in. At that moment Emilia entered the room. Ignoring the maids' comment, she walked over to his bed, asking if he was all right. Answering that he was mostly fine, Subaru addressed Emilia with tan (in the English version he nicknamed her Mili), making her wonder what it meant, though he quickly asked her to forget about it.

The two went outside with Subaru amazed at how big the mansion and the grounds were. He began doing radio exercise and asked Emilia to join him, with Puck joining at the end. After exchanging greetings, both maids asked for them to come back to the mansion as its head had come back. Subaru became irritated once again with Beatrice's remarks and mistook Roswaal L Mathers as a clown, causing Roswaal to introduce himself. Subaru asked the maids various questions during the meeting, such as what they were skilled at, surprising Roswaal that he had no knowledge of anything in Lugnica. He explained that Lugnica currently didn't have a king and that the government was currently being run by the Sage Council, further adding that there was going to be a Royal Selection taking place soon. Subaru wondered why he was referring to Emilia with "sama", prompting Roswaal to explain that she was more important than himself, with Emilia answering that she was a candidate to be the 42nd King of Lugnica. When told that he could have anything as a reward, Subaru asked for Roswaal to employ him, causing everyone to be shocked.

A while later, Subaru visited the clothing room with the others to look for clothes that matched his size, however, he ended up with clothes that were too big for him. Leaving his jacket with Rem for her to fix, he had Ram guide him around the mansion, showing him each of the rooms that he needed to know about. To his surprise, the door to the bathroom led to Beatrice's own room, and upon being seen she became embarrassed and forced him out. Ram explained that it was Beatrice's door crossing, which he figured out to be that she could connect any door in the mansion to her own room. Although Ram told him that it was hard to find Beatrice again, Subaru easily found the door to her room again, annoying her even more.

Once they were outside, Ram wrapped up her tour, asking if he had any questions. Seeing that he didn't have any, she told him to help with the work, taking a long time to list everything that she had to do. It took him the whole day to finish all of the work and at night Rem came by to drop off his fixed jacket.

Five days later, Subaru finally found time to talk with Emilia on the grounds, complaining about his daily job as a butler. She was happy that he seemed to be enjoying his job as a butler and was surprised when he asked her to go with him to the town the next morning. Nonetheless, she accepted his offer and Subaru dropped by Beatrice's room before going to bed.

The next morning, an excited Subaru stood on his bed and shouted, causing himself to become embarrassed when he saw that Ram and Rem were next to his bed. To his surprise, neither maid recognized him, and his surprise turned into horror as he saw his hands were clean, realizing that he had somehow died and returned.