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Happiness Reflected on the Water's Surface (水面に映る幸せ) is the forty-seventh episode of the overall series and the twenty-second episode of Season 2 of the Re:Zero anime.


Garfiel's fight with Elsa still continues as he reminds Frederica to get Rem out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Subaru's in the forbidden library. He tries to convince Beatrice to break the contract with her mother, Echidna. However, she refuses and still believes that her fate is death.

In the meantime, Frederica manages to get Rem, Otto, Petra and Subaru out of the mansion. Subaru heads to Roswaal's room, however, he faces a guiltylowe, a demon beast. Otto claims that the ward crystal won't work on the guiltylowe, which causes some trouble.

Emilia passed the first trial, overcame her past, and started the second trial. In the second trial, she's in a dream with her adoptive mom and Geuse. However, she knows that this is a dream and confronts Arch, which was Echidna in disguise. Echidna was in tears, claiming to Emilia that she disgusts her.

She passes the second trial and confronts the people of Irlam, and the people of the Sanctuary. They state that they have high hopes for her as Ryuzu claims that Ram has a job to do. Ram and Puck were fighting against Roswaal, her reason to do so was to free him from the Witch's delusions. Emilia would go back to the graveyard and would start the third trial.


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