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The Morning of Our Promise Is Still Distant (約束した朝は遠く) is the fifth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Shocked that he had died and returned, Subaru looked at both Ram and Rem, trying to make sense of the whole situation. Confused by everything, Subaru ran from the room, eventually coming to a stop in Beatrice's library, earning a complaint from Beatrice herself for entering without knocking. He then learned from her that he had broken her Door Crossing hours earlier, causing him to realize where his current save point was.

After leaving the library, Subaru headed outside, waving to Emilia to get her attention. She had been worried about him ever since she heard from the twin maids that he had gone missing. Puck woke up partway through their conversation, prompting Subaru to ask to be able to pet him whenever he wanted to. The two then headed to the dining room where they had breakfast just like the last life.

Expecting things to go the same way as his last life, Subaru asked if Roswaal would employ him, but to his surprise, things didn't turn out the same way, with Ram forcing him to help Rem with her work. He was shocked even further when Roswaal joined him in the bath. Once he left the bath, he was surprised to see Ram standing there, waiting to help Roswaal change into his clothes. She asked him if he had anything else to do that night, to which he told her that he didn't, causing her to mention that she would visit his room later.

Later that night, Ram visited Subaru's room to teach him how to read and write, revealing that she would be able to take it easy if he learned it. Slightly annoyed by her remarks, he began practicing reading and writing through children's storybooks, eventually coming to enjoy learning the language. However, all of his newfound motivation disappeared when he noticed that Ram was busy sleeping on his bed.

The following morning, Subaru changed into his work clothes, noting that there weren't any of Ram or Rem's clothes in the clothing room. She didn't mind at all, stating that she was fine with just their maid uniform, and tried to brush off all of his comments. Subaru went through the usual duties of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the gardens before getting his hair cut by Rem.

Later that night, Rem visited Subaru while he was cleaning the bath, and apologized for her comments earlier about his hair. He agreed to forget about her comments as long as she cleaned his hair. She accepted his request and began helping him clean the bath, with Subaru instructing her to not touch his hair until he had fulfilled his promise with Emilia.

The following day, Subaru visited Irlam Village with Rem, getting tangled by the kids while she was busy shopping. The two talked as they returned home, with her smiling at his comment about Oni, though she threatened to tell on him for his supposed flirting. Emilia visited him that night instead of Ram, making him unable to focus on his learning, eventually causing him to ask her out on a date, to which she mistakenly assumed that he already went on a date with Rem. Reluctant at first, she eventually gave in to his pleading, agreeing to go with him to the village the following morning.

However, after Emilia left, Subaru was assaulted by a terrible sense of nausea. Leaving his room, he walked for a little while down the hallway before he was attacked and killed by someone, forcing him to return back to the morning when he first met the twin maids.