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I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying (泣いて泣き喚いて泣き止んだから) is the eighth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru awakens in his bedroom and immediately lunges to clench both Rem and Ram's hands to validate the feeling that he received when he was suffering. Responding negatively to this physical touch, Rem and Ram back off, and accuse Subaru of partaking in masochism.

Emilia enters the room and confirms Subaru's health. They trade good mornings, and Subaru resolves himself to fix the problems in his previous life, and save Rem's life. Ultimately, Subaru recognizes two main conditions that he must fulfill in order to survive a full week in Roswaal's mansion: earn the trust of the staff at the mansion, and defeat the shaman that attacks the mansion.

Out of curiosity, Subaru asks Puck about the type of magic Emilia is prone to using, and questions him on whether or not Subaru could use magic himself. Puck asks Subaru whether or not he'd like to know his affinity and tells Subaru that he possesses the rare 'Yin' type affinity, which Emilia comments is peculiarly rare.

Puck then demonstrates to Subaru some basic Yin Magic. After experiencing the atmosphere of Yin Magic, Subaru suddenly chokes out of fear. Sweat precipitates down his face, but he fakes a facade of bravado.

He works together with Puck to explore the Gate of his mana and attempts to manipulate mana with Puck's assistance. This reveals Subaru's gate's ineffectiveness, due to how little it has been used, says Puck. This results in a massive mushroom cloud of mana spreading around the area. Having expelled all of the mana in his body, Subaru reaches a state of fatigue where he can no longer move, which prompts him to react violently due to his fear of screwing up his life. In response, he is fed a Bocco fruit by Emilia, which restores mana.

The scene flashes to Roswaal and Ram discussing Subaru's motives, and it reveals that they are more suspicious than they were in the first life in which they discussed Subaru's potential as a spy.

Subaru later asks Beatrice how to counter a shaman's attack, to which Beatrice responds that it is impossible to counter a curse once it is activated, and must be detected before it is activated. She notes the scent of the Witch laid on Subaru, and Subaru questions the relationship between witches and shamans. Beatrice delineates the Witch with a description of her physical appearance and mental characteristics as a result and emphasizes the Witch of Envy's similarity to Emilia.

The next morning, Subaru wakes up with a burst of energy, and tells Emilia to offer up her lap should the servant job become too weary on him. The speed at which he speaks is to be noted, as Subaru overworks himself. With how overexcited Subaru is, Emilia and Puck notice, with them commenting on Subaru's insides and outside being completely different.

After knocking over a vase and replacing it, Rem notes the suspicious nature of Subaru's knowledge. Subaru's once again flustered in conversation, and constantly feels sick of his behavior, with Rem and Emilia taking evident notice of Subaru's odd personality change. Subaru, feeling pressured by the efforts needed to make everything count in this life, eventually capsizes and barfs into a sink. With his physical appearance wearing out and his mental exhaustion reaching a peak, he squeezes as much as he can out of himself until Emilia encounters him.

Emilia offers Subaru her lap, as she comfortingly grasps hold of Subaru's head and beckons him to lay on her lap. As he does so, Emilia offers consolation and discusses what he has been doing recently, recognizing his exhaustion and determination. Eventually, despite his joking facade, Subaru devolves into his real self once more, and releases a stream of emotion from his vocals, tearing up as he does so. With Emilia's recognition of his troubled mentality, Subaru releases his inner emotions and cleanses his mind, confirming Emilia's words. He cries and eventually falls asleep upon Emilia's lap.

Rem enters the room, looking for Subaru to assign more work to him. Rem decides to report to Ram that he can no longer work for the day. Just as Rem is about to leave, Emilia tells her that Subaru is a good person, which stirs a reaction in Rem's face as she leaves.

At the closure of the episode, Subaru wakes up and recognizes what he had done. He circles Beatrice as he thinks about the situation, giving her a pet name of 'Beako'. As he speaks with Beatrice, he confirms the nature of curses and learns more about them. Subaru learns that curses can only be placed through physical contact between the shaman and the target, which gives Subaru a lead in his goal of resolving the dilemma.


Anime Differences[]

  • In the light novel, Subaru asks Puck why someone would call themselves Satella, while in the anime, he asks Beatrice about it instead.
  • The order of events is changed in the anime. In the light novel, Puck's magic demonstration takes place the day after Subaru receives a lap pillow from Emilia.
  • In the light novel, Roswaal explains the concept of magic and determines Subaru's compatibility in the bath. In the anime, Roswaal's explanation of magic during the bath with Subaru is added to Puck's explanation as the former was cut from the anime.
  • In the light novel, Rem leaves before Ram informs Subaru that both of them would go with him to the village, while in the anime she's there with her sister. In addition, Subaru doesn't say his worries out loud.