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The Meaning of Courage (勇気の意味) is the ninth episode of the Re:Zero anime.


Subaru visits the village with Ram and Rem with the purpose of finding the culprit when the puppy bites him again. When the three return from the village, Roswaal leaves for the night, which did not happen in the previous timelines. Subaru sees Beatrice who confirms that he is cursed and traces it to the dog that bit him. Subaru realizes that the children are in danger and that night, he returns to the village with Rem and finds that the children have gone missing. They venture into the forest and find all but one of the missing children, who have all been bitten by the puppy. While Rem heals the children, Subaru goes searching for the last child and gets attacked by a Wolgarm. Subaru defeats the Wolgarm, but a pack of them surround him, controlled by the demon puppy. Rem arrives and clears a path back towards the village, but the Wolgarms overwhelm Rem who unleashes the Oni within her and goes berserk. With Rem about to be killed, Subaru stands in to take the attack.